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26th of April blessed day blessed alliance

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Hello, Zman1 one here. Here at the 26th of April we have set rules and an alliance that lets you become part of something bigger.


Preamble: We the 26th of April, hereby establish this alliance for the betterment of ourselves and those we choose to involve ourselves with.


Section 1: The Government

1.1 The 26th of April is lead by an individual and two councils

1.2 President of War- the President of War is the military head of the alliance.

1.3 first seat-three members who's job is to manage internal affairs. (trade circles,punishment,etc) They can also veto any action from the President of War if 2/3 agree. They also suggest new laws from the people involving internal affairs

1.4 second seat-these members are in charge of foriegn affairs. They make treatys and such with other alliances. Like the first seat they can also veto any action from the president of war and suggest laws pertaining to foreign affairs

1.5 Impeachment of any Government Offical is a very long process, and requires both of the other department's, as well as a trial headed by a 26th of April member agreed upon by all three council members of both departments.

1.7 In the case of retirement for any Government Offical, he chooses who is promoted to his position

Section 2: Military

*2.1 All Military personnel must be active in their respective fighting groups. Groups consist of:

Grunts: NS of 1000 and lower

Jackals: NS of 1000-1500

Brutes: 1500-2000.

Elites: 2000-2500

Hunters: 2500+

*2.2 Raiding:

All member nations that request rights to raid a target must must meet the following two points:

1) The target must be 2 or more days inactive.

2) The target must not be aligned.

2.4 The President of War May amend this section without the normal consensus of the Government.

Section 3: Membership/Rights

3.1 All accepted members must change their alliance affiliation to “the 26th of April”.

3.2 Termination of membership must be approved by the first seat, but every member is entitled to the following rights:

1) The right to exist on planet Steve.

2) The right to exercise sole dominion over their nation.

3) The right to trial by jury.

4) The right to be free from any prejudices.

5) The right to Habeas Corpus.

3.3 Trials shall be administered by the First Seat. However, the final verdict is decided by a jury of 3 members appointed by First Seat.

3.4 All members are recommended to post often in the forums, or risk being reprimanded by the Government

Section 4: Amendment Process

4.1 The charter may be amended at any time as long as all three Departments give consent.

4.2 The date, as well as all signatories for each new amendment must be recorded.

Foriegn Affairs

5.1 Foriegn Affairs can only offer a treaty if all three members agree

5.2 Foriegn Affairs has to attempt to reach peace in any war that may concern the 26th of April

5.3 If another alliance wants protection or to make a treaty and makes the proposal only 2/3 are required

5.4 All foriegn Affairs Officals must make an elaborate discussion over everything. They have to state why they think it' a good or bad idea or the vote is null and void


6.1 Elections are held every month for every government position

6.2 You must fill out who you think should be in every spot

6.3 Any memebr of the 26th of April has a right to run for office

p.s I know my spelling is terrible. Just let me be about that

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