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Mogar's Girl


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So Mogar meets the girl of his dreams. She's pretty, funny, and 100% into Mogar. They hang out for a while and begin to get close. Every minute they spend together is a joy. However this girl confides to Mogar that she's a virgin and she wants her first time to be special. No matter how much she's into him, he's just going to have to be patient and wait. Mogar is slightly distressed, but since he's having such a great time just being with her, it's not a big deal -- until it becomes a big deal.

Mogar decides it's time to turn his attention to making this happen. He buys her gifts, he writes her love poems, he makes her a mix tape -- he's relentless in his pursuit. He plans a special night for the two of them. He makes dinner, he lights candles, he puts on mood music, and the two of them enjoy the evening. Later when they're kissing on the couch, Mogar presents her with some diamond earrings. Suddenly his girl decides that NOW is the right time. She disappears into the bedroom and says that she'll call him when she's ready.

Mogar waits and waits. He hears odd noises coming from the bedroom and wonders what's going on. After an interminable wait, he finally goes and knocks on the door. No one responds so he looks in to see his girl lying naked on the bed in a dreamy, contented state, her makeup smeared, and her hair disheveled. Mogar can't imagine what she was doing, but as he looks around he sees that the walls are covered in writing, each scrawl saying the same thing. . .


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