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4BR - construction and affluent pop


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Bonus resources: Steel, construction, fine jewelry, affluent population

Marble - salithus

Lumber - pinchazi

Iron - pinchazi

Aluminum -

Gold -

Silver - coldfff

Coal - Darth Andrew

Gems - Darth Andrew

Fish - TTaagg

Wine - TTaagg

Furs - coldfff

Whatevs* - pigs: salithus

What you get, disregarding the wildcard:

-39% infra cost

-18% infra upkeep

+13% citizens

+$10 citizen income

+10.5 happiness

-5% tech cost

+28% soldier efficiency

-$3 soldier cost

-8% aircraft cost

-5% tank upkeep

-5% land cost

+15% purchased land area

x3 natural growth of nation

+10 aircraft limit

If you want in, either post here, or send me a PM (on these forums or in game, doesn't matter). Harbor is required for this trading circle. Also, our wildcard slot is already filled, so both of your resources must match things needed. Since the current people in the circle are all blue, preference will be given for blue nations or those who are willing to change colors.

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