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The Crimean Part of the War


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"I, Empress Stephanie Carbon, first monarch of the New Imperial Republic of Crimea Iso, hereby, in support of the Crimean Krozdeg, the citizens of Crimea Iso, and the Aquatic Coalition Front, declare the Imperial Republic of Crimea Iso in a state-of-war with the Dream Land Republic, the United States of Wesupir, and Wyat. I, Empress Stephanie Carbon, hereby give the armed forces of Crimea Iso permission to violate the soverignty of said nations and execute the destruction of their armed forces and removal of their governments."

On April 26, 2009, between 11:20PM and 11:56PM, the Imperial Republic of Crimea Iso declared war on Dream Land, Wesupir, and the Dictatorship of Wyat.

Immedietly after the declaration of war, Crimean armored divisions poured over the border as cruise missiles flew overhead to strategically hit bases and other important military assets. Within one hour of battle, radar and other sensors of the enemies were destroyed by Crimean airpower and missile attacks. Using APCs and IFVs, Crimean forces were able to penetrate deep into the territory of all 3 nations before reaching any real resistance. All three enemy armies put up a valient fight before be steamrolled by Crimean firepower. After reinforcements arrived, Crimean forces (alongside ACF Coalition forces from New Slovsky) advanced into Yattgrad, Wyat. The leader of Wyat is believed to have gone into exile.

Only a few short hours later, Coalition forces marched into Eggy, Wesupir and DreamSmoke, Dream Land. Both capitals were taken without much resistance. With the enemy demoralized and beaten, a counter attack is not expected. By 3:30AM the next morning (4/27/09), Operation: Tri-Gun was deemed a success and Operation: Occupation began.


An outdated Dream Land tank abandoned by the retreating enemy.

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Early in the morning, Dream Land attacked Crimea Iso with cruise missiles launched from deep within enemy territory.

A final push from the capital of Dream Land (DreamSmoke) is being planned by Crimean military officials to quickly neutralize any counter attack capabilities.

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The NAD Coalition has arrived! Troops and equipment from the Asatru Republic and Wastelandia have arrived in Dream Land, Wyat, and Wesupir. NADC forces have pushed Crimean forces out of Wesupir and have counter attacked with cruise missiles and bomber aircraft. Although taking quite a beating, Crimean fighters kept air superiority over herself.


Crimean fighter shooting down an Asatru bomber.

After the NADC cruise missiles were detected on radar, Crimean missiles were sent on retalitory strikes against both the Asatru Republic and Wastelandia.


A Crimean cruise missile being launched at Wastelandia.

Soon after the last enemy missiles hit their targets, Wastelandia and the Asatru Republic began their ground offensive. Although outnumbered (nearly 3 to 1), Crimean forces managed to hold off the offensive and even managed a counter attack toward Wesupir. No land was taken by the enemy but much of the border infrastructure was destroyed.


Crimean troops being transported to the frontline.

Thousands of troops have been deployed to fight off the NADC aggressors (more than 10,000 troops to the Wesupir front alone). Empress Stephanie Carbon has called a state-of-emergency in all border regions. Crimean citizens are being told to either take cover or move with family in the center of the country away from border areas.


Crimean light tanks moniter enemy movements less than one hundred yards away across the border.

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