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Most Harmful Alliance


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Mostly Harmful Alliance


Our Track Record

Round 3: Champions

Round 4: 2nd Place

About US

We exist because we have very loyal and dedicated members. We welcome all new players and are willing to help them learn the game. If you want an alliance dedicated to helping you grow strong, enjoy helping other members, want an alliance that is CN:TE only and not part of an CN:SE alliance then this is the place for you.

Be active, be dedicated, be Harmful.


Executive Director

Mostly Harmful Alliance

IRC: irc.coldfront.net #mostlyharmfulalliance

Website: www.mostlyharmfulalliance.org

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Good Luck!

*Beware of the topic invasion* *Wroom wroom!*

yeah, he'll do that... just come in, spam it up. and sometimes make people mad in the process! JK ;)

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