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Announcement from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

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Announcement from the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Nothing war-related here; just taking care of some business that had been put off due to the recent drama.

Thirteenth High Council

Elections for our Thirteenth High Council took place earlier this month. Our government currently consists of the following people:

  • Dr. Fresh (Chancellor)
  • Gopherbashi (Chancellor)
  • KingEd (Chancellor)
  • Sandbender (MoD)
  • Jimmy2E (MoFA)
  • AndrewHG (MoI)
  • Bryn1030 (MoF)
  • NeuralLink
  • TIinPA

Eternal ZI

Our membership recently gave their support to an amendment to our Charter which prohibits the practise of Eternal ZI:

Eternal Zero-Infrastructure Policy: The MCXA recognizes each player's nation is unique regardless of past actions by the same player under other nation names. MCXA will not attack, or otherwise punish, any nation based on the actions of a previous nation controlled by the same player. However the MCXA does reserve the right to refuse membership to players who have previously wronged us.

On that note, we hereby release all individual nations from any terms, restrictions, or military action placed upon them for their past offenses against the MCXA.


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