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NADC not so RAD

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(Look, that banner for announcements that we were missing!)

Being in an alliance bloc is kind of like dating. You get to know each other pretty well, you learn more about each other, and eventually, things start getting on their way, and then you steal 3rd base. Now, in real life the girl would slap you. But this ain't sea world the real world, its Planet Bob, and we love RAD like we love our women.

Well, we at the Assassin Order have stolen 3rd with RAD by signing that little Mutual Defense Pact just a few days back, and, unless you live in the CN caves, you would all know that NADC decided to declare on them last night. Now people may have doubted that in this day and age someone could uphold a treaty that they have had for so little time. Well, those people are WRONG. We will come to the defense of RAD, our sweetie pies, in hopes that we will someday have them in the bedroom once again.

The Assassin Order now activates Article IV of the RAD MDP

Article IV

In the event that one Signatory Alliance is attacked by an Outside Party, or has reasonable proof of imminent attacks from an Outside Party, the other Signatory Alliance will offer political, financial, or military assistance to Mutually Defend the members of the attacked Signatory Alliance, and attempt to cease all hostilities.

Though we may be as small as a mole, we are a malignant melanoma.

-Mustakrakish II, Al Mualim of the Assassin Order

-Orange Trousers, Scholar of Defensive Action

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thanks guys. We are war virgins no longer. we decided to take the plunge.

o/ AO


technically this is our second time. We did declare on Echelon, but they were getting attacked by too many people.

I guess its fater that we couldnt find targets there so we could help out RAD anyway we can.

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