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McGuffey Decleration Of War

This war has grown immensely and with it, anarchy has spread across Planet Bob. The rules that were once established are now in shambles, as people are attacking people who aren't even involved in this war. Today, we declare war on an alliance, who has crossed those boundaries. With the battles between us already gone nuclear, they leave us no choice but to stand up for ourselves and fight back. Our wars will come swiftly, and without mercy. We will fight it to the bitter end. Karma here we come!

We officially declare war on Poison Clan and The Forsaken Ones. You have insulted us for the last time.

May your death come swiftly.



Nikolaos - Monarch of McGuffey

The Chieph - Minister of Foreign Affairs.

TankShock - Minister of Defense

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[22:49] <+Sileath|NSO> McGuffey DoW on PC/TFO - http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55701

[22:49] <@Agnu|TPF|MoP> gotta sell a lot of that infra :P

[22:49] <+Twisted> Is that a joke, Sileath?

[22:49] <+pooksland> sweet

[22:49] <+pooksland> I hope someone in McGuffey hits me

[22:49] <+KV|aint_here> Felix von Agnu ! I THOUGHT I LEFT YOU IN THE *action* OF THE GIANT *animal* !

[22:49] <+Twisted> I'm almost terrified

I hope that's another insult to add to whatever other insults have apparently come your way.

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I see your top nation finally bought an SDI after I messaged him at 18k infra.

You're basing this declaration against Poison Clan off of what however?


I guess that explains it. Sort of. Not sure what's up with the ghosting in the middle of a war, though.

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This victory will be swift. You will not tread on us.

You guys haven't even declared one war against us.

Is this some kind of magic trick designed to defeat us? If so I'm thoroughly impressed and would like to surrender and put in my application for membership in exchange for secrets immediately.

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While I would be the last one to rain on your parade and deny you the fun of being in war, Admin knows i love a good bashup, you sort of need a better reason to be in this war.

Are you coming in based on a treaty? Defending an ally from PC? I ask this, not to question your motives but to understand.

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