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The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers


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Hello and thank you for visiting the TAPS information and enrollment site. By coming here we are taking the assumption that you are interested in one of two things. One you have no idea who we are and want to know more about us or, two, you are searching for an alliance to call home. We are hoping for the latter, but hey, we like friends too.

Let’s start off with a little about us. Four of us older nations founded this alliance because we wanted to set up a close knit group that will exude the level of honesty and integrity our very name implies as well as the way we feel CN should be. Many of our members have been in this game for a while and we are confident we know how to grow as individuals and as a team as well. We have rules like everyone else but we do not want to discourage anyone from playing their game the way they want to play it. We are not aggressive with respect to war, but will defend ourselves to the end. That’s pretty much common sense though, everyone in this game should have their nation’s survival at the top of the list. We like allies and enjoy having our fun as you should enjoy yours.

Now here is what we expect from you if you are considering joining us. We ask the same as most folks to start with. No current wars, be able to follow orders, when and if they should be needed, be active on the forums and in the game, and just use common sense and honesty with us. Those are fair requests in my opinion, I think most people would agree.

Here are a couple of things you should be aware of before you sign up though. If you’re looking for a place to hide, we are not it. We want active members who will aid in the growth of this alliance. If you won’t support us how can you expect us to support you? That is only fair.

It’s all pretty simple, actually. We do want you as long as you can be active and help us while helping yourself. If you do that, you will reap the benefits and rewards of being a member of TAPS. We don’t need nor do we want to inflate our membership roster with inactives who we know we can’t count on. There’s no sense in that.

Well, if you’ve read this far, you should have an idea of who were are and what we stand for. To further clarify, below is our charter. Please read it carefully and at the end of it you will find our sign up thread for members and diplomats if you just want to establish relations. We look forward to hearing from you regardless of which link you choose.

Thanks for reading!




I. Introduction

A. Any member who joins The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers (hence known as TAPS or The Paladins) agrees to follow any an all rules outlined in this charter.

II. Membership

A. Any member who wishes to join The Paladins cannot be in any war prior to submitting an application.

B. No member may be in two alliances at once. If discovered, they will immediately be removed.*

III. Removal

A. Any member may request the removal of another member.

B. The accuser and the defendant will both present their side of the story to the Triumvirate and Oracle Consular.

C. A vote will follow the presentation of their cases, and a simple majority will result in expulsion.

D. The Oracles may pardon a Triumvirate expulsion. If that happens, the vote will be brought before the paladin membership where a simple majority will result in an expulsion.

IV. Government

A. The Paladin government is a Representative Democracy, otherwise known as a "Republic", where the membership chooses members to represent them in the government.

1. Consular of Defense

i) The Consular of Defense is responsible for maintaining military readiness and ensuring the alliance is ready to respond to any threat from inside or outside.

ii) The Consular of Defense may declare war on any rogue without requiring a vote.

iii) The Consular of Defense may create any position within the military branch as he/she sees fit. Said position must be approved by the rest of the Triumvirate before it may be officially implemented or announced.

iv) Diplomacy must be pursued before war is declared on another nation or alliance not labeled as a rogue. Any military action taken as the first response will be frowned upon and may be grounds for removal.

v) The Consular of Defense will serve a two month term unless the election will take place during a war in which case the Triumvirate and the Oracles may convene and agree to postpone the election.

vi) The Consular of Defense will become Chief moderator of the War Room and any military related forums but will have global moderator powers within the alliance while in office.

2. Consular of Foreign Affairs

i) The Consular of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining and growing intra-alliance affairs as well as serving as the alliance spokesperson, head recruiters and senior diplomat.

ii) The Consular of Foreign Affairs may initiate any discussions with other alliances over treaties and pacts but may not approve them without the proper votes.

iii) The Consular of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for the direction of recruitment activities within the alliance as well as orientation and or training of the new nations who become members.

iv) Junior diplomat positions may be created to assist the Consular of Foreign Affairs but can only act as intermediaries between the alliance and the Consular of Foreign Affairs and cannot make any changes or decisions to the treaty. Junior diplomats will also serve as recruiters.

v) Any and all announcements to or on CN forums will be made by the Consular of Foreign Affairs unless one of them has given permission to another member in writing.

vi) The Consular of Foreign Affairs will serve a two month term unless the election will take place during a war in which case the Triumvirate and the Oracles may convene and agree to postpone the election.

vii) The Consular of Foreign Affairs will become Chief moderator of the Recruitment forums but will have global moderator powers within the alliance while in office.

3. Consular of Internal Affairs

i) The Consular of Internal Affairs will be responsible for the day to day operations of TAPS. They will also be responsible for maintaining membership and ensuring all legislation and actions are constitutional.

ii) The Consular of Internal Affairs will also oversee the current membership roster and ensure that no rules are being broken within and outside of TAPS forums.

iii) Positions underneath the Consular of Internal Affairs may be created to assist he/she in their duties but they must be first approved by the Triumvirate before being announced.

iv) The Consular of Internal Affairs will serve a two month term unless the election will take place during a war in which case the Triumvirate and the Oracles may convene and agree to postpone the election.

v) The Consular of Internal Affairs will be given global moderator powers within the alliance while in office.

4. Oracle Consular

i) The Oracle Consular will be one of the four Oracles who will rotate the duty every two months just as the other government positions will do.

ii) A rotation will be established among the oracles with a backup present in case the current oracle is out of pocket. Should this occur the current active Oracle will post for the remaining government positions to have knowledge of the temporary replacement and whom shall serve in their stead.

iii) The Oracle Consular shall serve as the fourth vote in matters of government as laid out in the oracle clause of this charter. He or she may choose not to vote in matters as it is their choice.

5. Triumvirate

i) The Triumvirate will be responsible for running the alliance and voting on important matters. As each member represents a critical facet of TAPS, no Consular or Oracle Consular is above another and is equal in their voting power. The Oracles reserve the right to enact the "Oracle Clause" if they feel the current administration is acting outside the best interests of the alliance.

ii) War declarations require a unanimous decision from the three Consulars and current active Oracle. If a consensus cannot be reached, the vote maybe brought to the general membership and passed if an 85% majority is reached. If a consensus is reached, the general membership requires only a 75% vote.

iii) Treaties require a 66% vote from the Triumvirate to be passed.

iv) Any and all issues shall require a minimum of two approval votes to pass and the required percentage for said vote type be at or above the required percentage.

iv) A vote of no confidence may be brought forth by any member of the alliance against an individual Consular or as the Triumvirate as a whole. An individual member vote requires a vote of 66% plus one. A vote against the entire Triumvirate requires a vote of 75% plus one. An election will be held immediately after a vote has passed and will follow the same rules as a standard election. Expelled Triumvirate members must wait one full election cycle before becoming eligible to run again.

V. Diplomacy

A. TAPS is willing to open diplomatic relations with other alliances that share their same values and will benefit The Paladins.

B. Ambassadors may be appointed to other alliances and they will be responsible for relaying information to the Triumvirate.

C. Embassies will be opened at the request of other alliances.

VI. War

A. The Paladins will avoid war if at all possible but will not hesitate to defend themselves.

B. To promote a better standing in the Cyber Nations World, aggressive wars are discouraged but not prohibited.

C. All members are expected to defend TAPS. Failure to do so will result in receiving a “Traitor†and may face future repercussions. Resignations during a war will also not be honored until the end of hostilities.

D. The following are reasons for immediate retaliations without vote:

i) Attacked by another alliance.

ii) Rogue nations.

iii) Confirmed spying.

Note: If a member is proven to be in two alliances at once, and there is suspicion of spying, the other alliance may face attacks in return for this action. Spying is prohibited in this alliance due to our somewhat neutrality.

E. Any Declaration of War must have all of these steps taken, although in no particular order.

i) 75% vote from the general membership.

ii) 80% in the Triumvirate.

F. It is suggested that a message of intent stating The Paladins are considering war be posted but it is not required.

VII. Amendment Procedures

A. Amendments may be made to this charter with a 66% vote from the general membership.

B. Voting will begin 24 hours after the proposal has been put forth.

C. Any changes made during discussion may be outlined in the voting area, but changes made during the voting period will result in the process being reset with another 24 hour discussion taking place.

VIII. Elastic Clause

A. Anything not specifically outlined is assumed to be allowed until the Pentumvirate or any other governing body prohibits it.


Ammendment one - Oracle Clause

Oracle is the name given to the four original members who created the alliance. It is a special title that only they can get. As an Oracle and alliance founder they are the only persons who truly know what this alliance is about, it's goals and ideology. If any changes should arise that put this alliance goals and ideology in danger, the Oracles reserve the right to over rule these changes. They must convene and be in total agreement should a situation arise but if one of them sees a situation that needs to be addressed immediately, they have the right to put a stop to it for 48 hours until all active Oracles have made an unanimous decision. Their collective decision is final and can only be changed by the Oracles themselves.

War Supplement

This guide supplements The Paladin's Charter and is therefore considered separate for the purposes of editing and changing. Only the Pentumvirate may edit the supplement but must alert the paladin membership 24 hours after doing so and must clearly outline said edit at the bottom of this supplement.

Member nations are expected to follow these guidelines for war. If something isn't listed, they are to use their best judgment in the situation until it has either been outlined here or their question has been resolved.

Nuclear strikes are allowed if a nation has them but may only be used with government approval (unless during a sanctioned war).

Tech Raiding (Updated 10-15-2007)

Nation must not be a member of an alliance.

Nation must be inactive for 10 days or the nation to be attacked must have plainly stated they are quitting the game and do not care if they are raided. Wording does not have to match exactly that as long as their intentions are clearly stated.

If the nation's bio says "never inactive" or wording to that effect, that nation will be eliminated from the potential target list and cannot be attacked under any circumstances.

The reason for war will be "Tech Raid - PM for peace"

If retaliated against, peace will be offered. If the peace offer is refused, the government of TAPS will decide upon the appropriate action as a collective group. A general 3/4 approval vote must occur before action against the non-aligned nation can happen. Any decision whether to act or not, will be final.

Should the rogue decide to attack another member of TAPS this will be considered an act of war upon TAPS and will be dealt with as such.

Any deviation from the above must be approved by three members of the government and posted in a tech raid thread under the war room forum.

TAPS Forum

TAPS IRC esper.net/#taps

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