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.: Article I :: Volume I :: Version I :.

The Crimea Iso Times is Back!

Rostovi Corner >> Crimea Iso >> The Crimea Iso Times is once again rolling off the press. With a newly funded government program, the CIT (now owned by the Crimean News Service) is back as the official, national newspaper of Crimea Iso! Now based in Rostovi Corner, CIT writers are even more dedicated than ever to bring you honest, unbiased news!

.: Article II :: Volume I :: Version I :.

Tensions in Tyranar

Tyranar >> Crimea Iso >> Tensions over the Tyranian province in Vaule are over...hopefully. Empress Stephanie Carbon has announced that the Crimean and Vaulian governments have reached an accord, however, Crimean troops remain stationed in large numbers within Crimean North Tyranar. Crimea Iso, recently leaving the R.U.S.S.I.A.N. Pact, has assured the world that all MDPs are still active. Although tensions have been relieved for now, it unknown how long the diplomatic peace will last between the two Siberian powers.

.: Article III :: Volume I :: Version I :.

Promised Land Closing Borders

Promised Land >> The Promised Land government has announced the complete closure of its borders. As of April 26, no one was allowed in or out of the long time Crimean ally. The reasons remain classified as to why the sudden isolation, however, hints have pointed toward a possible internal conflict or security issue. Top Crimean political analysts are pointed at a possible pandemic within the Promised Land borders.

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.: Article 1 :: Volume 2 :: Version 1 :.


Rostovi Corner >> Crimea Iso >> The Crimean Krozdeg has declared war on the NADC! Announced by Stephanie Carbon late Sunday night, the border skirmish of a war has now escalated into a full blown conflict. Crimean amored divisions have moved into 3 nations and, within 12 hours, had occupied all three capitals alongside ACF Coalition Forces.

However, this morning, NADC reuinforcements had arrived and Crimean forces were found outnumbered nearly 3 to 1. Within the first hours minutes of the new fight in Wesipur, Crimean bases along the border were hit with more than 6 missiles, over 20 Crimean fighters were shotdown, and hundreds of soldiers injured or dead. After an emergency retreat out of Wesipur, the NADC counter offensive was halted at the Crimean border.

Crimean generals are preparing to reinforce the border regions and further secure already occupied lands.


Crimean troops at the border.

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.: Article 1 :: Volume 3 :: Version 1 :.


Rostovi Corner >> Crimea Iso >> As abruptly as the war had started, the war was over. As fresh Crimean recruits began pouring over the border into Dream Land, Wyat, Wesupir, Asatru, and Wastelandia, the NADC was slowly crumbling to the allied war effort. After a round of defeats at the hands of NADC forces in Wesupir, the Crimean military opened up with a lightning counter offense. Hundreds of missiles screamed over the border into enemy held Wesupir followed by a swift, violant air assault lasting nearly 24-hours. Thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks then were sent forth to mop of the mess. This morning, NADC forces from all 5 nations surrendered to Crimean forces (with the exception of Asatru which signed a ceasefire).


Crimean troops flash the 'V' sign soon after hearing news of the surrendor.

OOC: Basically, I was fighting a 5 way war. I crushed the 3 first nations then the other two began crushing me. But then NADC surrendored and I was saved :lol:.

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