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Re-Assembling Of The Pyramids

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I was a founder of Pyramid when it was announced a little bit more then a year ago. Things have gone by and changed since then, but my resolve for the only alliance ive ever founded and yellow team remains strong. So with that in mind i will be "Re-Assembling" Pyramid again. We do not have a protectorate, we do not have graphics, but what we do have is a friendship. Pyramid will be growing slowly and will be moving to a more permanent forum, until then we will be located Here a protectorate will be considered, also graphics will come at some point. Without further adu


We, the undersigned nations, agree to promote healthy relations between ourselves and others, defend our fellow nations against outside aggression and to make yellow great once again.

Article I: Admissions

Any nation in good faith of the community may join; swear and oath to Pyramid. Said nation wishing to join shall go through the admissions process. We are a yellow team, alliance, any nation wishing to join not on the yellow team must ask for an exception.

Section 1: Application

Any Application will be reviewed by the Pharoah's + Pharoah's Council.

Section 2: Oath

Every member here at the Pyramid upon acceptance has agreed to follow this oath:

1) I will abide by the Charter and rules of the Pyramid, and positions of higher ranking eg. Pharaohs, Pharaohs Council, High Priests, and the orders of other appointed members in their designated areas of control.

2) I will not declare war on any nation or commit any other act of aggression, regardless of any cause, unless authorized to do so by a ranking officer of Anubis's Army.

3) I will not make any statements of the Pyramid policy's unless I am specifically told to do so by the Pharaoh's Council. All secret information will be kept in the alliance and none taken out or leaked out.

4) I as a member of the Pyramid will agree to be active and help out with roles or any ideas any way i can and as much as i can.

Article II: Leadership

1.Pharaoh's, Are the highest ranking leaders within Pyramid. When a Pharoah steps down there will be an election to elect the new Pharaoh. Or the leaving Pharaoh may select a member in good standings to fill the position

2. Pharaohs Council, The Pharaoh's Councils duties will follow them being personal advisers to the Pharoah's of the Pyramid and to also oversee any decisions made. They will also handle Applications to the Alliance and deny any application with a good reason.The council is made up of 5 members 2 selected by the pharaohs and 3 voted on

3. High Priests:

High Priest of Defense - Responsible for the safety of the Pyramids Citizens and the Alliance as a whole. Will also be responsible for Militarizing the Alliance and preparations for the event of a possible threat or war. Coordination wars between members and the authorization of use of tactical nuclear weapons.

High Priest of Trade&Finances - Responsible for the Growth and Economics of the Pyramid and citizens. The High Priest and also runs the Bank of Amun-Ra as a whole.

High Priest of Foreign Affairs is responsible for setting up embassies, increasing inter-alliance relations through diplomats, and the signing of new treaties.

High Priest of Internal Affairs is responsible for keeping track of members, acceptance of new members, and masking. They are also to lead the university problem and serve as the link between the government and general assembly.

High Priest of Recruitment - responsible for The recruitment of new citizens of the Pyramid

4. Senate- The Senate consists of the Pharaohs, the members of the Pharaohs’ Council, and all High Priests

II. The Senate votes on many matters concerning the alliance that include, but are not limited to:

a. Approving all inter-alliance treaties

b. Declaring war- the general assembly will be told before the DoW is looked at that there is a threat

c. Disciplinary action e.g. expulsion, reparations, zero infrastructure


III. The senate/pharaohs in times of Crisis, such as when both pharaohs leave unexpectedly, when both pharaohs are inactive without first telling the alliance of their expected inactivity for a week or more, or when 3/4 or more of the government is empty retains the right to say voting will not be needed to pass bills and appoint members to government positions. This power will ONLY last until the government is filled. And the senate can not prolong how long that time is. The are given 3 weeks time to fill the major positions. And then voting MUST start again.

Article III: Expulsion

The Pharaohs have the power to the dismiss any member of Pyramid, any member of the Pharoahs Council, and any member of government, if they are found to not be doing there job. And appoint any member to fill in the position until the next election.

Article IV: Elections

A General Election Date must occur every three months, although it is possible to call an early election. In the election, the High Priests will be elected and the Pharaoh’s Council members’ terms will expire. The election will be announced two weeks before the General Election Date. For these two weeks, the candidates will posts their campaign and answer questions in their campaign threads.

Early elections can be called either by the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh’s Council, or the General Assembly. Early elections can be to vote for new Pharaoh Council Members, new High Priests, or both of these. (It is possible to call an early election to elect one High Priest while leaving the others intact). Early Elections can also be called for the position of Pharaoh’s Council: in this case, they will simply result in the dismissal of part or all of the current council, (as specified in the election) and require the Pharaohs to choose new members. When an early election is called, it should be clearly specified which positions are up for a vote. An early election can be called if BOTH Pharaohs agree on it. They must also agree on which positions are up for election.

An early election can be called if all five members of the Pharaoh’s Council agree on it. They must also agree on which positions are up for election.

A Pharaoh must give one week notice before stepping down. After this week, the vote for the new Pharaoh will be held, only if the leaving Pharaoh does not decide on a member to take his/her place. During the week of the election, the candidates may announce themselves and campaign.

Article V: legislation

Any member of the alliance may propose a piece of legislation if it is beneficial to the alliance.

The legislation must meet the following criteria to be able to pass (note that the Pharaoh’s Council and High Priests are not part of the General Assembly):

a) Be supported by 50% or more of the General Assembly who have voted.

B ) Be supported by three members of the Pharaoh’s Council.

c ) be supported by both pharaohs

Article VI: War Policy

Pyramid is an Independent alliance. We shall sign treaties, but wont actively pursue war. We don't condone tech raiding. We will defend our allies no matter the cost. We will nuke in defensive war, in only nuked on first. Nuke rouges forfeit there right to wear our in-game Alliance Affiliation as soon as they launch a nuke.

Article VII: Vetoes

I. If both Pharaohs agree that a piece of legislation should not be passed, they can veto the movement.

Article VIII: Impeachment

I. The impeachment of a government official can be requested by any member of the general assembly, in good standing with the alliance,

II. The reason given must be a strong one that may warrant expulsion e.g. treason, violation of the charter, etc.

III. A vote will take place over 72 hours by the general assembly. A 2/3 majority is needed to successfully impeach the official.


Pyramid is reforming.

No Protectorate

No Graphics

More Announcements To Come

Also i probably wont come back to reply to this thread. If you need anything answered come by #Cn-Py or #Horizon, my personal channel, for me to answer any questions.

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Wait so you went nuke-rogue and were going to quit, and now you're going to start your own alliance back up? :lol:

Good luck BMTH

Just a loose cannon XD

Good luck,although I'm sure You'll get bored in a few weeks and leave <_< but anyway.



I only did the once :P

This will end badly again... :lol:

Love you to babe

Also :wub: Jewel

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