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Yesterday Soldier took the first PoW of the war. Today Reeses Cup Girl came to ask me if she could be released to World Task Force. Since WTF is quite neutral and a really good alliance I have released her to them.

Soldier has no intention of keeping PoW's locked up for months and weeks if there is a safe place for them to go. While some alliances may keep their PoW's from moving to a safe alliance for security reasons there are cases where we should all use our common sense. In some cases there is no need to keep people shackled for extended periods of time. This was one of those times.

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Can this sort of treatment be expected for all Soldier POWs?

We'll take it on a case by case basis of course. :) This particular person was honest and very kind. There was no reason to hold her. I'm sure both sides will get their fair share of these people and I hope that those people will all be allowed to join nuetral alliances if they so desire.

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