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WAPA Declaration of War


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WAPA Declaration of WAR.


We know it’s late but….

WAPA has friends and allies on both sides of this war. Due to internal issues, we were intending to stay out of it and to simply help our friends rebuild in the aftermath. However, our close allies at TGE are in need of our help. We shall not let them suffer and we answer their call. WAPA honours our treaty with TGE and initiates clause Amendment A.I of our ODP with TGE:

[b]Amendment A - Pledge of Optional Defence[/b]

I. We Are Perth Army and the German Empire hereby additionally acknowledge this document as a pledge of optional defence. While not mandated, this Amendment authorises the signatories to request Military and Diplomatic aid in times of war.

TGE was attacked by The Foreign Division. We hereby declare war on the Foreign Division.

To our other allies on the battlefield, WAPA will not desert you. Unfortunately, we cannot fight on both sides. To our friends we cannot help, we shall offer diplomatic help for the duration of the war and financial help in the rebuilding.

WAPA will not use Nuclear weapons in this war, unless fired upon. If you want to keep it clean TFD, you can. Your choice.

WAPA ya bass! Give 'em hell.


The Firm: Prince Buster and Broon.

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