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If You Just Joined CN, Which Alliance Would You Join

Aeternos Astramora

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If you just joined CN, which alliance do you think you would join? Try to throw out all your previous knowledge of alliances and CN.

I would probably have joined MHA because they are a large alliance (which means powerful and highly visible), and also because I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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I would probably start my own allaince (probably on red like I tried in the past) which would not work out.. if I had knowledge of the alliances playing but nothing else would probably join Fark since that's a name that would be familiar (I visit the site a lot)

I would probably still be a communist too and that would be a deciding factor. If CN has effected me in RL in anyway the biggest would be my now large dislike for communism after being around them in SE. So if I had no been in CN yet would probably still like the ideology.

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Hard not to be biased in a thread like this. After all, we can't throw out what we already know, but going back to my first experience, I knew nothing and joined the first alliance that pm'd me in game. At that time it was BoSS.

Personally, I would like to see a forum or thread created that divides alliances by political type and power, as well as maybe a history chart on conflict percentages, etc. so new nations can be informed before making a decision. Of course, this would also entail them receiving an automatic message when they join the game that points them to the thread before they blindly reply to whatever alliance gets to them first.

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