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Honor your debts and repay them in full.

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When the New Sith Order first arrived in the Cyberverse there were two alliances that stood up with us and for us, one through a protection agreement and the other simply through their honorable word.

Tonight we recognize the debt we owe to the Mushroom Kingdom and the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Today we acknowledge the gift provided to us by the Mushroom Kingdom by stating that they were our de facto protectors in our formative days without the promise of treaty, reciprocation or any contemplated payment. It was a word of honor and it has left a debt to be paid.

Beyond the pettiness of treaties with those that are not actually friends, as so many alliances have joined in the fray under, the New Sith Order recognizes the deeds and actions of our comrades in the Cyberverse as taking precedence over any written agreement. We honor those that are honorable and place more value in the words of some than we will ever place in the signatures of others.

And to our good friends in the Siberian Tiger Alliance, with whom we share a mutual defense treaty, and with whom we are obligated to address imminent threats to their security, we say we will stand by your side as you honor your debts and obligations as well.

Therefore, in recognition of our values and our honor, we take up arms in defense of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Siberian Tiger Alliance, as they enter the abyss, in order to repay our debt to both alliances.

We do not make this decision lightly and we do not do it haphazardly or as part of another organization. The New Sith Order is an independent alliance taking independent action. This war will not run open ended. The New Sith Order will engage for two complete war cycles and then reassess the situation to determine if it is time for peace. Our peace will be a white peace without stipulation when it is granted.

In recognition of our treaty with the Siberian Tiger Alliance and our commitments with Mushroom Kingdom, the New Sith Order declares war on Molon Labe.


Ivan Kalinski Moldavi, Dread Lord of Stromholde, Dark Lord of the Sith, Sovereign of the New Sith Order

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