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Aqua Trade Circle


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We are seeking one member for our trade circle.

3 Bonus resources (Construction, Fast Food, Beer)

Aqua Sphere

The member we need must have the following resources:



Here is what our other members have:

Cattle (chocfish)

Lumber (Aparte)

Marble (orbtron)

Pigs (chocfish)

Sugar (cpuwhiz11)

Uranium (orbtron)

Water Sugar (cpuwhiz11)

Wheat (Aparte)

Iron (thorgrum)

Fish (thorgrum)

Some of what you can expect from the bonuses:

Income +$24.5

Population +21%

Infra cost -29%

Soldier +38%

Infra bill -20%

On the Aqua sphere + 5 Happiness :)

Please Contact me here or in game,

Alternatively you can contact chocfish of Herbertville directly with your intent to participate and referencing this post.



AHEAD Member

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Hi Tarikmo, Thanks for you interest anyway :)

anything happening with this circle?

The one i am in is simply falling apart and would like to move to aqua off of maroon soon.

So this is a bump.

Ill add you to the list, also ill update it with current trade members. So just need to find Aluminium and Spices.

Ill PM you ingame once I find those resources. If you want to scout around for possibles feel free. And post their nation link here.



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