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Closing borders


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At this time, Promised Land is closing all borders, both land and maritime. All comercial flights will be cancelled with the exceptions of citizens returning to their nations.

All communications will be via official giovernment channels only. That is all.

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Hm, we inquire about the reasons behind this.
As do we. We were informed of our Tennesseans needing to come home and we'd like to know why.
OOC: Assume the in-game war ;)

OOC: Correct. I haven't quite made up my mind how to RP it yet, though, considering I don't want to RP being nuked (three times, so far).

IC: It is a classified security issue. We apologize for the inconvenience of your citizens, but cannot explain at this time.

New Cymru and her citizens shall respect the wishes of the Promised Land government. Furthermore, we recommend the closure of the Melbourne district to outside travel to facilitate this closure.

Thank you. We were aware of this, but would not impliment that portion of it without your consent. It is being done as we speak.

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