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Crimea Iso Plans Satellite Launch


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Crimean officials have confirmed the planned launch of Urbot Twu, the second Crimean satellite ever launched. It lift off from the Begichev Satellite Launch Platform, BMI on the island of Begichev.


Military helicopter footage of the Urbot Twu. More news footage is expected as news agencies flock to the Crimean coast to watch the launch.

Airspace is now closed around the BMI.

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The launch of the Urbot Twu was a success! Military Satellite SA2 "Urbot Twu" entered orbit around 3:32AM after a delay in the launch. Urbot Twu, although the use is classified, is a military satellite which will be used for recon and communications relay. It is the second satellite launched by Crimea Iso (First was Military Satellite SA1 "Urbot Uni").


Urbot Twu a few minutes after launch.

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