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Looking For A Unique Experience?


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For the betterment of ourselves and those

we choose to associate ourselves with...


On behalf of the Keepers of the Covenant,

I would like to extend my warmest regards and best wishes.

No doubt you have seen countless other alliances,

and I'm sure the things they say are either enticing, or just confusing as hell.

That's where we come in.

Here at KoTC, we help you build from the ground up. If your looking for a nice place to stay and get stronger, or just hang out; we're the place for you. We pride ourselves on our close-knit membership.

We are a new and upcoming alliance on the purple team. We are strong, well-led and well-coordinated, but more importantly, we are fully committed to growing our nations through aid and trade help. Every new nation gets help setting up optimal trades, a harbor/foreign ministry, and aid to help them grow.

We have plenty of opportunities for you & your nation. Should you prefer to make money, we provide tech deals for nations of all sizes. Looking for a spot in the alliance infastructure? There is plenty of jobs currently available within KoTC. If you seek protection, we believe in watching each other's backs. Not to mention our Protectorate with LoSS.


If your interested, PM me or swing by our Forums

Limited Offer!


How to Join:

1. Change your team sphere to Purple

2. Register your Ruler Name at our Forums

3. Fill out the short application in Member Registration

4.Recieve your initial $6 mil**

Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/KoTC_High_Charity/

IRC: #kotc

Current Government:


High Prophet of Truth (Foreign Affairs), Lenahan

High Prophet of Mercy (Internal Affairs), Z3000

High Prophet of Regret (Military Commander), EmperorDhruv

The Council

Prophet of Disdain (Deputy of Defence), XxsnipezxX

Prophet of Restraint (Minister of Education), Not Elected

Prophet of Obligation (Minister of Recruitment), Not Elected

Prophet of Supposition (SpecOps Commander), AllenKalashnikov

Prophet of Possesion (Minitser of the Treasury), john waker

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