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Vaue regional governments convene

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN News:VSR Regional governments meet

In each province and region of Vaule, the provincial governments, empowered by the Transitional Constitution convened their first sessions today.

The first governments to convene were the Tyranar Unincorporated Autonomous Region, and the Novaya Zemlya Autonomous region. Discussion primarily centered on preparing for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, and proposals for the Regional Budget for the coming fiscal year.

The T.U.A.R. regional government was also tasked with spending a government grant to improve the infrastructure in the region and provide additional jobs in the ensuing construction boom. Novaya Zemlya’s government focused primarily on plans to minimize the impact of trade on the environment of the region and security of Vaule’s ports.

The Regional governments of Caledonia, Regulus and Buryat are expected to convene in the next few minutes. In the Buryat region, the regional government will have to regulate the post-war construction explosion in the region. Once the peace agreement was reached, funding and investments poured into the region from all across Vaule, leading a construction boom the likes of which Vaule has never seen before. Both the regional and central governments are concerned about the impact this boom will have on the environment of the Buryat region, especially Lake Baikal.

The central government predicts that, should everything run according to plan, the country would be ready for an election in less than a week, once the new Constitution is drafted.


In other news, the government has declared today "Re-unnification day" to celebrate the reunification of Vaule under a single government. Celebrations and parades were held in many of the major regional capitals.


-Vaule People's Navy in Novaya Zemlya


-Vaule Army Reserves in T.U.A.R.


-Air show in Sygh-Varthys

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