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Trade Bug

President Harper

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2 Days

[Reason: Improved Foreign Relations]

[Team: Blue (Since 4/20/2009)]




[Fish - Increases number of citizens +8% and lowers initial land cost -5%.] [Oil - Lowers initial soldier cost -$3.00, increases population happiness +1.5, increases soldier efficiency +10%, and lowers initial cost of aircraft -4%, lowers all navy vessel upkeep cost -10%.]

0 Days Inactive

No Team Bonus

[Team: Blue (Since 4/23/2009)]

Harpers Homeland

(President Harper)

New Polar Order

[Lumber – Lowers inital infrastructure cost -6% and lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.] [Marble – Lower inital infrastructure cost -10%.]

0 Days Inactive

Approved Cancel

[Delete not an option at this time.]

We are both blue,and it says there is no team bounes :huh: Its been like this for 2 days now,and one the first i thought it would change at the update.But it didnt,Please help me.

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To get the team bonus, both of you must be on the same team when the trade offer is first approved.

Changing teams after trading doesn't give the bonus unless you resend the offer.

One of you should cancel and resend, and then you'll be fine.

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