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The Black Guards take up their rifles


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April 22nd 2009 : News Just In: On the 10 o'clock News!

War is on the horizon! Our comrades are to enter the war and attempt to defeat Imperialism, our Federation has a pact with The International, however we can choose to only enact the defensive aspect of it. Comrades please organise yourselves to your local community, workplace or educational council meetings to discuss plans and try to reach a consensus on what course our Federation should take in terms of this war!


Two comrades armed and ready to show solidarity with their International comrades, for autonomy!


Comrades from Black Cross battalion raises fists in salute!

April 23rd 2009 : The Federation Will Go To War in Defence of The International!

Comrades! To Arms! In an unfortunate act, the alliance NATO have attacked our fellow comrades in The International, this means that the pact that our Federation decided upon collectively is to be enacted. Remember the days of old! Remember the guerilla wars against the Verein! To defend Liberty, Autonomy and Solidarity again!


Federation comrades in reserve build up sandbag walls, barricades and trenches in and around communities in preparation for a NATO counter-offensive


At the same time, comrades in the CNT union in a commune in the Federation prepare for war

April 25th 2009 : Federation militias rush through strategic sections of NATO's territories!

Today saw the beginning of the earlier LSF attacks, having launched two blitzes on NATO nations unaware of the threat. So far reports have been good, many NATO nations attacked have been sent into Anarchy, as the ruling class like to call it, a state of recognition and revolution to us. No civilians are being harmed directly, and civilians are being treated by our medics. In addition, our militia forces are being welcomed by locals, already workers' councils and local community councils are being established to replace the old centralised forms of government that deprived the poor of life and everybody of progress. Long Live the Revolution!


Tired, yet victorious! Militias of the LSF win decisive victories across NATO's borders showing de-centralised forms of organisation is capable and better! Onwards Comrades!

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The Libertarian Socialist Federation has entered their third day of fighting, encountering very little resistance due to the welcoming of our fellow workers by the oppressed and exploited majority of the NATO population. Since the 25th of April, our Tank Militias and Infantry Militias have been a thorn in the side of NATO, producing quick, effective and surprising victories all along the front.


Militias manning a machine gun during the Iberian offensive

Only recently, the Orange Defense Network pledged their allegiance to our comrades in The International by declaring war against NATO in defence of their allies. Our comrades out in the fields and cities of NATO are glad that many different alliances are showing solidarity between one another, not only are the LSF militias fighting alongside our comrades in The International, but also in The German Empire, FOK!, Orange Defense Network and The Dark Fist.


Militias build up barricades out of anything worthwhile to use in order to defend against a possible NATO counter-offensive, counter-offensives by the enemy have so far been worthless

However, war is never a nice sight, many of our own fellow workers have perished in this war, not only from our side, but also on the side of NATO. We hope to see a quick end to this where NATO can come out of the war without too much damage and can recover as soon as possible.


Children from NATO lands, liberated by the LSF Militias, before they were forced, due to economic circumstances, to have to work from as young as 10

a-communism.gif¡Para Todos Todo, Para Nosotros Nada!a-communism.gif

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April 28th 2009 : Day four of the liberation of the workers and peoples of NATO

Workers across NATO have risen up in a spontaneous insurrectionist movement looking set forth to lead up to a revolution in many NATO regions. In territory passed by the LSF militias, workers line the streets to welcome us as fellow workers and liberated peoples. NATO forces have been forced back into defensive positions while a buffer zone has been created unintentionally by NATO forces retreating to a position further into it's territory, while LSF forces remain vigilant there while skirmishes and small combat are taking place within the buffer zone.


Along with the Schlieffen plan conducted by The German Empire, Militias move in from the South penetrating NATO forces constantly and being helped by partisan workers

a-communism.gif¡Para Todos Todo, Para Nosotros Nada!a-communism.gif

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Ipiros in the NATO war.

It was a busy, exciting, uncommon day at the Ipiros’ Delegates Council. A matter of grave importance was being discussed and it was really early in the morning. Since the introduction of 4 hours daily work ages ago, people were used to be in their beds at such an early hour or perhaps at some wild party. So yeah, this was extremely uncommon. First spoke Trikoupis, old veteran of all wars of the nation, hero of the revolution, a simple sailor nowadays, luckily not being on a trip (of any kind) at this particular moment.

Trikoupis portrait in his youth :


Invaluable footage of

“ Comrades, our reformist brothers over at INT are being attacked by NATO. I know the errors of their ways are great. They have chosen state socialism, putting workers under the yoke of bureaucrats, giving the fruits of labour to social parasites, restricting freedoms in the name of “equality”, then restricting equality in the name of “efficiency”. They do not allow dope (!), they work 10 hours a day, they $%&@ mother nature in the name of “progress”, which their children won’t see dying from cancer at an early age. But they have been here when we needed them and they have at least kicked out cappies. Not to mention that if we allow the cappies beat them, we are next in the line. So, mates, we have to join the front ya know...”

An uproar raised. When things calmed down a bit, a young man from Free District started speaking. He was well known for being an active member of the nuclear non proliferation commitee.

A photo of the young man taking the speach :


“ Listen ol’ man, cause i have a few words for you. First, it won’t be you fighting. It’s gonna be me and others of my age. So think twice before proposing something that only others can do. It’s our blood you are talking about, not yours. Second, there are workers over at NATO too, what about them, what about their lives, their families? Do you have a clue how many of us are veggies? And you come asking us to kill people? You go to war, i’m going to a party, you know damn well it’s gay pride tomorrow and it’s all that we have sacred !!!”

The council was frozen waiting for the ol’ mans reaction (actually the council got a bit stoned as time passed by, but you know this is a history article on a war and the author has to present things a tiny bit more glorious than they really were. Mkay?)

“First, young man, not everybody here is gay or veggie. I’ll have all the meat i want and it’s gonna be animal only, ok? There’s nothing making your life style more worthy than others. It’s your choise, ok, but that’s it. Anyway, i don’t wanna go all over this discussion again. Now, who has spoken about killing? I only remember having said we have to go to the front! I have a plan, no worries, my last shipment was all dope. So here’s what we do. We go to the trenches. We wait for the wind to blow in the right direction. Then we start smoking all together. Wait 15 minutes. Then turn the music on.”

LSF’s most secret of the secret weapons:


There was nothing left to be said (not to mention that most people were too stoned to say anything, but hey, i told you this is history), so Trikoupis’ plan was adopted unanimously. And you know what? It was successful all the way :D

Some of the changes the Federation has brought to NATO lifestyle following the victorious war :


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