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Green Protection Agency Announcement

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In light of the large war that is going on Planet Bob (curses the GRL), I would like to state and reaffirm that the Green Protection Agency (GPA) will be remaining neutral, as per usual (hey, that rhymes!). Of course most of you on Planet Bob know this fact, but the GPA has a long standing tradition to post DoNs in the major wars, so it seemed to be about that time. So, for all you people who keep bugging us if we're gonna join or announce our neutrality, you can stop now :lol: We're neutral! Thank you, have a nice day!



Confessor Rahl, President

Thomasj_tx, Vice President

Rocky Mountain High, Minister of Defense

Jim Raynor, Minister of Internal Affairs

Don_Bidarian, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Gamer42au, Minister of Economics

Biff Webster, Minister of Membership Compliance

co-written with Emperor Fu - Minister of FUn and husband of the Goddess Rahl

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