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Tempest Decleration of War


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Dear fellow members of Cybernations,

Our fellow ally and friend, BAPS, has declared war upon LoSS. Tonight Tempest sallies forth to join them according to Article 4 of the Pegasus Treaty:

Article IV: Aggressive Action

The undersigned of Pegasus agree not to take aggressive military actions against other alliances without first consulting with the FA. In the event that one of the undersigned members takes an approved aggressive military action, the other signatories may, at their discretion, provide whatever aid is requested, up to and including joining in the military action.

In the event that the FA takes aggressive military action against another alliance, the undersigned are highly encouraged to provide whatever aid requested, up to and including joining in the military action.

Therefore, Tempest hereby declares war on LoSS, may the almighty admin make our aim true and unflinching.

We at Tempest wish the rest of our allies luck in their wars.


"Commissar" Autarch Ligolski

Regent Jacapo Saladin

In the spirit of some war fun I have some graphics for my alliance members and allies:



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