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The Black Guards Go To War! DoW


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Here Comes The Guerillas of Old!



Well, while we were cultivatin' our crop, and building our schools from the wreckage of the last war with NoV, we were interrupted by a few planes a'flyin over. Now we don't get no planes flyin' over usually. Later around the federation communes, workplaces, townships gathered for meetings on the issue of war.

Apparently, something about NPO attackin' OV, and that bringin' in a few other alliances and then something or other happened that dragged our comrades in The International. Now, we only signed a comradely Mutual Defence and Optional Aggresson Pact, so we weren't obliged to enter on the war, thought it was a bit one sided anyway so our little federation won't be a big factor. However, when NATO joined in hittin' on our friends we donned our old militia gear, not used since the last guerilla war against NoV. By this time, our children had grown to be healthy adults and stood side by side with us.

So take into account, we are only going to war with NATO and NATO alone, for we only want to protect our own liberties, yet do this regrettably as NATO have helped us in the past before, sorry dudes and dudettes, you can have some of our weed after the revolution.

We're coming INT!!!! good.gifa-communism.gifantifa.pnganarchism.gif

For Solidarity! For Autonomy! For Individual and Collective Liberty! Now pass the spliff.

- Peoples of the Communes of the Libertarian Socialist Federation, yeah !@#$%*es ...

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