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Joint TPF-Avalon Announcement

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The Caliburn Declaration

TPF-Avalon ODP

As there is a long-standing friendship between Avalon and The Phoenix Federation, we acknowledge and proclaim that in time of need the parties may pledge their support for one another, and offer any assistance deemed warranted to each other. This declaration shall be activated if both parties are in agreement.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation,

mhawk, Hard Six Roller

Beernuts, Phoenix Magistrate

Desperado`, Phoenix Magistrate

E_C, Phoenix Magistrate

Wingwhiper Jr, Phoenix Magistrate

Great Lakes Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Royal Proclamation of Island Birds

Oathe of Brotherhood with The Phoenix Federation

Assembled Rulers Greetings,

The Lords of Avalon have long since owed a great debt to the fine rulers of The Phoenix Federation. They have been invaluable to Avalon leadership decisions and wise beyond measure in the sound advice provided. With the inclusion of Elysium, Avalon's other great source of council, into The Phoenix Federation, truly the affection we felt towards both groups apart only grew stronger together! The Formal public recognition and pronouncement of such being long over due now.

Thus the Lords of Avalon do swear this oathe of brotherhood with The Phoenix Federation and recognize The Caliburn Declaration. May Admin and the Mods grant us both the guidance, strength, and wisdom that long may we walk this path together in honour. As the troubles of our brothers are as the troubles of ourselves, in all chivalrous matters and actions we shall strive to render aid of whatever honourable sort we may, should they require and request our assistance.

Mods Save the King!

Decreed in the year of our Mods and Holy Admin Kevin, this day April 24, 2009 by His Royal Lordship and Supreme Majesty,

King Air4ce1Jr, Sovereign of all Avalon

Signed for the Prime Minister of His Majesty's Government:

First Lord of Avalon, Subotai, Lord of Blades of Shadow

Signed for the Foreign Office of His Majesty's Government:

Foreign Secretary, SyndicatedINC, Lord of Schwertbruder

Signed for the Houses of Avalon by the Home Office:

Lord High Chancellor, Procantor Zarquon, Lord of Eisstaat

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While there are many opinions about this war, and who is in the right. Avalon must always support our friends.

o/ TPF


All I can say.. is I'm glad to finally get treatied to Avalon and Guffey.. Great alliance with honorable ppl :wub:


oo/ TPF

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All I can say.. is I'm glad to finally get treatied to Avalon and Guffey.. Great alliance with honorable ppl :wub:


oo/ TPF

Indeed deathcat, indeed, this has been a long time coming. Incidentally, your sig quote is one of the funniest moments of all time on the moderation forums!

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