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An Announcement from the Brigade


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Once upon a time (over a year ago), the Brigade signed a PEACE treaty with IRON. The communications between our respective alliances were decent at the time, but the slowly dwindled away to nothing over the past 6 months. Due to this, we at the Brigade have decided to cancel our treaty with IRON. No matter what is going on in Planet Bob, this decision was inevitable.

IRON was informed of the cancellation 2 days ago and the 48 hour cancellation period is now up. We wish IRON luck in their current and future endeavors.



Brigadier General: Xander Don

Chief Commissioner: FoAmY99

Grand Emissary: Segovia


Military: Captain Oblivious

Internal Affairs: JB dinglenutz

Foreign Affairs: Adrian LaCroix

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No surprise given some of the people in your alliance.

Congratulations IRON :)

Too good for the likes of you? No wonder you stayed away.

I have a lot of respect and like many IRON members (though Alter is my favorite).

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