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Preparing for the Worst


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While hoping Peace would prevail AWS knew well preparation was everything. Their borders were fortified now just the preparations to respond an Order was send through the Corporation which was immediately executed.

--Executive Order--

To enforce AWS Sovereignity and superiority I hereby on this 25th of April of the year 2009 announce the following measures to be taken.

1. AWS will enter a permanent Alert Level Orange for an indefinite period

2. AWS will increase production of their own systems and those imported.

3. 200,000 Soldiers have to be at the Western borders at all times divided over Inactive and Active Officers.

4. AWS will operate on classified frequencies and use an AWS only alphabet in most messages

5. AWS will prepare it's WMD stockpile for quick responses.

6. Genesis Defense will be permanently at Alerted so it can respond quickly.

7. The Astrakhan Intelligence Agency will increase efforts to obtain information about any conflict that might arise.


CEO Nikita Akhatova

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Realizing peace was impossible Orders were increased to a maximum mobilization in addition the Fleet would dock at the canary Islands to prepare for Naval Operations. As a last resort Executive Order 65 was issued, at midnight all Weapons of Mass Destruction would be loaded and prepared for launch. On land they would be aimed for major NC cities and a special surprise for the newly founded nations in Slavorussia or the resistance movements better said. On Sea the Submarine Fleet would be armed with a combination of Chemical, Biological and Conventional Warheads if the war would go Nuclear AWS would be ready.

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