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VSR Approves Transitional Constitution

Imperator Azenquor

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Vaulian Socialist Republic approves Constitution

"The many conventions across Vaule have reached a consensus on a Transitional Constitution of the VSR. The introduction to this constitution was obtained by VNN News:"


Article 1: Government power shall be divided between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government. The Office of the Imperatrix shall have no governmental powers whatsoever. The Imperatrix shall no longer be the Head of State, or the Commander of the Armed Forces.

Article 2: The Legislature of the VSR shall be the unicameral “Elected Representatives of the People of Vaule in Parliament Assembled” The Parliament shall be expanded to include 700 MPs elected from all the provinces, autonomous regions and unincorporated territories of Vaule by a direct vote.

Article 3: The Central government shall devolve significant powers to the provincial governments of Vaule, enabling them to run the day to day affairs of their respective provinces within the context of a unified nation. Autonomous regions and Unincorporated territories shall have a greater level of autonomy than the provinces, determined by their situations, customs and politics.

Article 4: Habeas corpus, and the Charter of Rights of Citizens of Vaule may never be suspended by the government under any circumstances. These rights are not conditional, they are irrevocable law and the government shall not attempt to obstruct these laws, or circumvent them.

Article 5: The provinces of Vaule are: Caledonia, West Faron, East Faron, Arcannez, Regulus, Buryat and the Vaule Capital Territory. The only Autonomous region of Vaule is the Novaya Zemlya Autonomous Region. The only unincorporated territory of Vaule is the Tyranar Special Unincorporated Region (TSUR)

Article 6: Steps should be taken to ensure that Vaule shall have a single army, rather than an Army and an Imperial Guard. This transition should be carried out in stages and ensure stability and accountability.

"This Constitution shall be the basis for the VSR’s Constitution which will be put to referendum shortly. It is expected that the new Constitution will use the Transitional Constitution as an outline based on feedback from the Parliament and the Conventions. Indications so far show that there is a general agreement that the Office of the Imperatrix should have significant powers removed, but should not be entirely abolished. Some former monarchists favor the idea of permitting the Office of the Imperatrix to be the head of state for the Vaule Orthodox Church or to be a Constitutional monarch.

In the next few days, the Conventions are due to present the draft form of the complete Constitution to Parliament, once approved the Constitution would go to referendum. It is most likely that both Presidential and Parliamentary elections will be called once the Constitution process is complete. Although analysts are already examining possible candidates from all parties, it is unclear who will be in the Presidential race. On the Socialist Party side, Ex President Rokossovsky resigned as VSR President and party leader to permit someone else to take the helm, and Prime Minister Ivanov is not the best candidate to lead the Nationalist party. The Vaule Democratic Party appears to be showing renewed organization as they attempt to make a comeback into politics after being sidelined in the last few elections. VNN will be there reporting on all Constitutional and election developments."

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