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MIC Goes on Strike!


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MIC Goes on Strike!

from DNN, the number one state-funded news network in Disparu

ETERNA - On April 22, 2009, members of the Mining Industry Consortium (MIC) began to go on strike by reducing it's production of raw materials, such as coal, oil and several other resources, due to the low demand and price of their products. Stockholders were afraid that the economy would collapse, so they began selling their mining industry stocks. The Minister of Finance, Aaron Yvonne, advised Chancellor Pikachurin to order the mining industry to return to full production, or the stock market and the economy will begin to fall. The Minister of Resources, Winona Bayleef, advised the Chancellor to allow them to continue with their protest, since it was their right and they wouldn't go to full production if they were ordered to return to work. After a hearing at Parliament, the Chancellor decided to order the MIC to return to their jobs.

The leader of the Green Party of Disparu, Erika Gardenia, stated that "Mr. Pikachurin always ignores the advice of our party members. What's his problem?"

OOC: I don't have the Stock Market or the Mining Industry Consortium wonders, so I don't really care about the event.

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