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The Empire's B-Day Bash

Lord Frost

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Tokyo, Neo Japan



Tokyo, as well as every major city across the Empire, From the far reaches of the new territory in Manchuria, to the Northern most tip of Khabarovsk Krai, to the cities and towns in Guam and the Northern Marianas.

4 years ago ((OOC: 2 years IRL)), the choking, corrupt, capitalist society of the Old days ((OOC: before world map 1)) fell to the fires of Revolution, following the Emperor's Party, back then known as the Socialist Nationalist Party** of Japan. What was once a slum became wealthy, what was once ugly became beautiful, where once poverty reigned affluence took hold. Where once individuals could decide the fate of men, now the People decided their fate. Where once was a "democratic" government existed, an Emperor now stood, just as in the old days. Emperor Raiyku Shinje "Frost" had led that revolution, then head of the SNNP of Japan, and brought about a glorious Empire. He is still Emperor today.

We stand disunited right now, as our homeland to the south is still held by foreign hands, just as it was during our creation. But do not think of such things right now, Just celebrate!!!

Long Live the Emperor!! Long Live the Empire!!

OOC: I was just gonna call it 'Socialist Party', but I figured "well he's a nationalist too...ah well, what the heck"

Emperor's Palace, Tokyo, Neo Japan


"Are you Ready?" Frost asked Kimi, his wife.

"Mhm. Let's go" she replied.

The main room where the Private Party was being held was large, spacious, with large windows and balcony's and several doors leading off to guest rooms. The two rode down the elevator.

"Announcing the presence of the Emperor, Raiyku Shinje "Frost", and his wife Kimi Shinje" said one of the Palace serving staff, who waited by the elevator door. The Emperor and his wife stepped out...

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OOC: I suppose that's the cue of the guests...

IC: Theodore Jameson, whether he wished to or no, always stood out. Being a massive, tall black man will have that effect. But in this case. He didn't mind. He was here to mingle, after all.

He wasn't anywhere close to the Emperor when he came out, so he let whomever was closer greet Frost first.

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