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REAL Resignation from CNRP

Sargun II

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Okay, enough is enough.

I'm only sticking around as a few characters to have fun with Sarah and Ranather. I might do some other things, but for the most part I'm gone.

Artemis gave up all their African land to Mykep and his new company, all their Russian land goes to Vaule and Neo Japan as they see fit, Greenland goes to Canada, the other North American thing goes to Mudd, but all of our European stuff stays. Just in case we feel like coming back as a real thing.

Artemis also canceled all contracts and has taken the official stance of "we're not fighting anyone while we re-evaluate ourselves".

I'm not making a huge IC post. You know what happened.

Have fun.

edit: Palau goes to Sarah Tintagyl

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I'm getting a fresh start be re-rolling in CNRP. RP like you've never known me (sure it'll be hard but :wub: )

Hopefully you'll be able to set OOC loves aside when you RP. This is for those people who told me to come back.


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