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A Statement from the Red Cross

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Greetings and Salutations to the Members of the Cyberverse,

It has been 48 hours since we declared our existence as another alliance on the Red Team; 48 hours since we announced ourselves and received absolutely no retribution.

For three years the citizens of Planet Bob have been refused their Admin-given right to inhabit the Red Team and sustain communities that flourished with such promiscuity on our sister trading spheres.

It has been the desire and resolve of our proponents to finally extinguish any doubt that Red is not free, for here we stand; the Red Cross of CyberNations, a humanitarian organization of quiet but intermittently-concealed states.

In the following weeks our ranks shall swell and other Red Team alliances will be born; we ask that you embrace their existence much like you have embraced the birth of countless other communities in your own trading spheres.

In addition, we sincerely thank the honorable denizens of Planet Bob for bringing liberty to our small corner of the planet; we, the Red Team nations, are forever in your debt.




The Red Cross

The Charter of the Cross

Our Mission

The mission of the Red Cross is to improve the welfare of vulnerable nations by mobilizing the power of humanity to aid the welfare, opportunity and security of the Red Team.


The Red Cross is the leading humanitarian organization on the Red Team; demonstrating its genuine concern for a stable and free community of nations.


Our actions and decisions shall be based upon:

  • humanitarian values, as expressed in our Fundamental Principles;
  • respect, dignity and care for one another within and outside the Red Cross, and
  • constant vigilance for the welfare of the Red Team.

National Affiliation

Any nation may request affiliation to the Red Cross. National affiliation to the Red Cross is contingent on Red Team membership and clearly specified requirements as established by the Committee; if approved, Red Cross affiliates are prohibited from serving a congruent membership in another alliance. National affiliation is segregated between candidacy and membership; the former is probationary and the latter is permanent unless affiliation is removed or forfeit. National affiliation, by default, implies default agreement to the articles of this charter.


The administration of the Red Cross is subject to the executive authority of the Committee; this apparatus shall be comprised of the President, who shall administrate domestic policy and retain executive discretion, the Director, who shall administrate matters of economic and military concern, and the Chancellor, who shall administrate matters of foreign policy. The position of Director and Chancellor shall be appointed by the President.

The Parliament shall comprise the electoral college and consist of Officers appointed by the President; Officers shall aid the Committee with its administration, vote on foreign agreements, approve or deny Votes of No Confidence and popularly elect the President every six months. Parliament shall have the authority to elect a Speaker to organize Votes of No Confidence and elections.

Vote of No Confidence

Parliament may witness a Vote of No Confidence against a member of the Committee or an Officer; if warranted, the Speaker shall provide Parliament with the opportunity to approve or deny a Vote of No Confidence through a transparent vote which shall be ruled by a simple majority. If passed, the affected individual shall be removed from his or her position.

The President may witness a Vote of No Confidence against a Speaker; if warranted, the President shall provide Parliament with the opportunity to approve or deny a Vote of No Confidence through a transparent vote which shall be ruled by a simple majority. If passed, the affected individual shall be removed from his or her position.

Fundamental Principles

The Fundamental Principles allow the Red Cross to provide help immediately to any person who needs it, wherever they are, whatever their affiliation, political beliefs, religion, social status, or culture.

Born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield, the Red Cross shall aid the reconstruction of any Red Team alliance or nation to the best of its ability.

Endeavoring to relieve the suffering of individuals, the Red Cross shall be guided solely by their immediate needs and give priority to the most urgent cases of distress.

In order to continue to enjoy the confidence of all, the Red Cross may not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature unless the stability of the Red Team is threatened, an ally is endangered, or the integrity of the Red Cross itself is at stake.

The Red Cross is independent. The freedom of its members to engage in humanitarian services on the Red Team is its sovereign and innate liberty.

The Red Cross is a voluntary relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for personal gain.


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NPO gone get maaaaaaad

And they'll surely attack with.....


they'll sure give them a stern talking to, for sure!

Ah ha ha ha ha, some one is assuming that we're going to lose, aren't they?

Are you really asking? Yes. Many people are. Stupid thing to ask is stupid.

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