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IRAN/UF/64Digits Announcement


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I'll keep this simple. Federation of Buccaneers declared war on TPF, so now we're gonna go and beat them up.



- Batallion, Triumvir of War

- Manbearpig, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

- Mogar, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

For United Federation:

- Kyle Smith, President

- Millhouse, Secretary General

- pjkll, Secretary of Defense

For 64Digits:

- Magicman657, Lead Programmer of 64Digits

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Our flag is small because I don't have the link for the larger one available right this second, our forums have had major issues over the last month or so which has made it difficult to keep track of stuff. Thus, in the interest of not impeding DoWs, we decided to just use the one that happened to be on hand.

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