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Announcement from M*A*S*H

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An Announcement from the Mighty Armed States of Honor


1.) First off I would like to announce a change in the government of M*A*S*H.

Replacing Article II of our Constitution:

Article II: The Generals of the States

Section 1: The sole executive power of the Mighty Armed States of Honor will be invested within the Generals of M*A*S*H.

Section 2: The Generals of M*A*S*H will be the Commanders of all M*A*S*H members and the armed forces during times of war and peace. The Generals of M*A*S*H reserves the right to make any directives as seen fit to protect the integrity and security of its membership. These directives will be henceforth known as Executive Orders.

Section 3: The Generals of M*A*S*H can also fill positions in the government that become vacant. He or she can remove officials who become inactive, and promote the person who is best qualified to fill that position. The appointment must be cleared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

*Inactive is defined as either not posting or logging into game or forums for more then 19 + days without notice.

Section 4: The Generals of M*A*S*H can only jointly declare a State of Emergency with a 2/3rds vote.

2.) This letter was sent to the members of M*A*S*H a few hours ago.

Nearly Two Years Ago, on June 3rd, 2007 , the New Pacific Order attacked and decimated the Organized Nations of Superiority. For those of us who were there and remember that traumatizing time there can be no forgiveness for those who flatten our home. We have forgiven the actions of the traitor spy Da Choice, but have not and will not ever forgive Pacifica.

Since June 4th, 2007 we have been plotting and rebuilding, the passion for revenge keeping us going. For a better part of a month many of us fought in the underground resistance. The Black Knights and Salvation Nations are but a few of these splinter cells of ONOS resistance, the rest were lost to history.

M*A*S*H's sole original purpose was to rebuild ONOS into the great alliance it once was, it was the vision of my founding partner Neanderthal to turn M*A*S*H into a force to take on the NPO and avenge the fall of ONOS. Now I never thought we would survive this long.

Along this 2 year journey we have lost many great and close friends, but have also gained many new great friends. I would gladly stand a fight with this small lot of 160 something members then 1000 of any other alliance's members.

It has come time to stand up against the Fascist regime that has controlled the game since most of us have known. Let us stand and yell at those repressors " We will not take this anymore!". Let us stand and fight for what is right, for a more equalized world so that those that come after us can live without fear of domination from the Francoist regime that is the New Pacific Order and its Henchmen.

The People hunger for change, so let us be the reaper of change. Let us by every rifle, ship, airplane and tank fight. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. They can not take from us our forums, name, members, or identity and community. I for one is tired of the boring homogeneity that CN has become. If it means ZI, so be it, I rather live for 15 days of fighting for a true cause then spend 2 years building pointless pixels. If this shall fail then I will walk away from politics for good, my time I feel has come.

To the Old Guard of ONOS; This is our time, our chance to do what we always wanted but never had enough help to do it.

To the newer generation of M*A*S*H; This is your great patriotic war, this your opportunity to do something great, and I will be proud to stand beside you and fight.

Sincerely, Col. Fitswilliam

Current MASH General of the States

Permanent Leader of Jamoney

Former ONOS Soldier / Executor

Former Salvation Nations Intelligence Technician

Former MASH Commanding Officer /SDI

The Mighty Armed States of Honor hereby activates Article 4 of its treaty with Athens and declares war on the Grand Global Alliance


Col. Fitswilliam - General of the States

Boomerisgod - General of the States

Flonker - General of the States

RpR Francheezi - Executive Officer

Bedford Forrest - Foreign Affairs Officer

Kaznecki - Deputy Foreign Affairs

Justavictim82 - Senior Drill Instructor

Dran - Enlistment Officer

Gorrillaballz - Deputy Enlistment Officer

IburnmyCD - Economic Officer

HellsGamer- Deputy Economic Officer

John Ramsey - Internal Affairs Officer

Serenissima - Deputy Internal Affairs

note: All question may be answered in #mash

:nuke: We consider all weapons usable.

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hey flonker, how have you been?


Now if you'll excuse me, my AK-47 has WAY too much ammo inside it...

BTW, people, say hello to Justavictim82, our new Senior Drill Instructor, and just incidently, my RL kid. A chip of the old man's block, but without the niceties.


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