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64Digits Public Service Annoucement

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Attention CN rulers: If your nation is a member of the Christian Coalition of Countries, you may expect a hail of gunfire from 64Digits for an unknown period of time. It is recommended for that you do not attempt to take cover as this could be dangerous to your nation. Please take as much damage as possible and everything will be fine. Thank you for your cooperation.

~Magicman657, Lead Programmer of 64Digits

tl;dr- We <3 TPF, die CCC

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If CCC declaring war on TPF isn't involved.. the nukes I will be sending my attacker aren't real either :P

64D(D) is going to Rack up a few casualties in the name of OPP for us :)

oo/ 64Digits and Magicman657!

Try to raise the GRL a bit so my soldiers can grow a few more heads :P \oo/

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