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Official Umbrella Announcement


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Umbrella first became aware of trouble about a week ago when rumors began to surface of war over an issue of Poison Clan protectorates. At that time, we were prepared to defend our allies at all costs. Today, we come before you due to an entirely different situation, one that, we feel, bears a brief explanation.

In determining the PC rumor to be untrue, we were robbed of relief by the discovery that the real target was Ordo Verde. Such a war would pull at least two of Umbrella's allies into a regrettable conflict, one that we hoped to avoid, but one that we were not going to let destroy those so close to us. Someone called our stance "planned suicide." That was fine by us, which is not to say we didn't make serious efforts to stop the war from taking place, something you may ask sethb about. The first aggressive move that lead up to this conflict was the mass movement into peacemode by nations in alliances expected to be on the side of Ordo Verde's adversaries. It was a clear show of force and strategic maneuvering.

Negotiations did not begin until Friday. We saw the war planned on OV as unjustified and worked to thwart it, yet were always prepared and committed to the defense of our allies. You know the story of the negotiations prior to the war, so we won't cover that. Suffice to say, we were quite displeased with the alliances working to help the aggressors, and we still are. Now two of those alliances have declared on our ally. As we stood a week ago, as we stood when we first inked the treaty with Poison Clan, we are prepared to defend our allies at all costs.

Umbrella hereby recognizes a state of war between herself and the alliances of Valhalla and Zenith, in recognition of The Pieman Accords and in defense of Poison Clan.

Casualties to be had for all, enjoy the glow.

Signed for Umbrella,

mrcalkin, Triumvir

Roquentin, Triumvir

Xavi, Triumvir

uaciaut, Field Marshal

guus87, Envoy

Jeoh, Legate/Commander

Commisar Gaunt, Corps Commander

Avenger10346, Corps Commander

Lord Yod, Corps Commander

Czar Aleksander, Corps Commander

boddah, NCO

Derwood1, Black Senator

Bossk, Triumvir Emeritus

trepidation, Triumvir Emeritus

Sceptor, Triumvir Emeritus

ochocinco, Triumvir Emeritus

KevinJB, Triumvir Emeritus

Zerileous, Triumvir Emeritus

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