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Joint Soldier/Terra Prime Announcement


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We at Soldier and Terra Prime know that we have a duty and honor to protect our friends in the OPP family.

So under article IV Section 4 of the OPP treaty

Protecting Our Protector

While recognizing that TPF is capable of defending itself, there may be situations that arise where additional support is needed. In that spirit TPF may request the assistance of the signatory protectorates of OPP. Such a request for a Protecting Our Protector action must be presented by TPF to the OPP Council. If a majority decision is reached by the OPP Council for an POP action, then all signatory protectorates are required to respond in defense of TPF.

Both Soldier and Terra Prime will Declare War on the Christian Coalition of Countries, The Forsaken Ones and White Tree in defense of TPF, because CCC Declared War on TPF and on TFO & WT because they have attacked TPF without provocation or even posting a DoW (for shame).

Signed for Soldier

Magicninja - Chairman

Signed for Terra Prime

Septer - Emperor

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Top Posters In This Topic

May Uller show gallantry and virtue in this fight.

May our enemies show valor and honor.

May the battlefield show that these combatants represented their alliances with pride and glory

o/ Terra Prime

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