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This Week in Pacifica

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Good evening. This week is grave indeed, I am your host for this midweek edition of This Week in Pacifica: War in the Pacific, uh?


A Shadow's Reflections

This week, TORN discovered that a member of the government of Ordo Verde had accepted and retained screenshots of the NPO forums. The GOON bigwoody has gone to war over less; however, Pacifica and TORN entered into respectful dialogue over the issue with OV and the Viridian Entente, OV's vengeful, raving anti-Pacifican allies.

After several days of stalling coupled with slights and insults public and private, Pacifica's ever-opened hand was forced into her smiting fist.

Damn the dogs that are OV's treaty partners! Damn Pacifica's sniveling and slow allies! Lady Pacifica demanded—and will have—retribution!

Did Lady Pacifica not strain out the Orange Pulp?! Did Lady Pacifica not tread upon the Yellow Snake?! And did she not condemn the Black Madness to slow and agonizing death?! And did Lady Pacifica not take an ice-pick to the heart of the Arctic, to the frozen N. Atlantic, and to the back of her brother the Blue Rudypoo?! I ask you, even, did she not show the Maroon Nationalists who wears the jackboots in this relationship?! And did that virtuous, that wrathful lady not harsh the Green Haze?! Was the Purple Demon in its thousands more like an outmoded phalanx before her sword?! Did the White Devil not founder in her absence?!

And all you, you weary and wearisome refugees of the myriad broken and battered alliances! Have you not sucked at Lady Pacifica's teat?! Is it not she and she alone who has held you above the water—by the hand or by the throat?! Will you sink now in her drowning? Do you know that as she dips below the briny swell, dragged down by the weight of ten thousand one-gram enemies, that she will in turn clutch you so near in peace even the closer to her bosom with all her last breath! Do you think that her hand can be staid in these last throes?

No! The Emperor, your emperor, demands your loyalty! Cortath will buy it with tech! Vladimir will buy it with words! Z'ha'dum with browbeating, DarkMistress with her weight in silver tongues! MaskofBlue with her social club! SirPaul with a flourish of the pen! Dilber with assurances and pies in the sky, Bilrow with wheedling and shame!

Pacifica will have your loyalty! You hegemony of cronies, wrapped in the swaddling of favors and allowances!

Who will follow you? You leaders of the country club. Your names are written in history. They are recorded on the stone memories of ten thousand grave-faced rulers even as they are among your ranks, left with no alternative.

Look over the land of your nation. See the lazy hovels and the bustling metropolises. Is it war you want after so long? But whose war will you fight? You will Fight Lady Pacifica's war, that is how it has always been, that is how it will ever be. Your nation, far-flung and ignored by Pacifica, will be the fingers on her hand. Will you serve her? Will you serve the leaders that hold you in contempt, to who you are but a tool to find favor with her? But even as you consider it, you know what they fear you to know, there is war to be had without Pacifica, there is peace to be had without her, too, and there is revenge to be had of her now.

Let your leaders support whom they wish. Let your nations support themselves.

Letters From Francograd

War is not war without mail call, and we've got the troops lined up for letters and parcels from home:


Posted by: TrotskysRevenge Apr 22 2009, 03:40 AM


Let it be known that that those who style themselves "Karma" exited negotiations this evening after giving the New Pacific Order one minute to agree to specific terms when Emperor TrotskysRevenge timed out due to to internet complications, despite the fact all terms previously presented had been accepted by all parties.

As I type, Athens has already attacked us, without any sort of Declaration of War, demonstrating that these entire negotiations were a farce.

Comrades, we have been in this situation before. During the Great War, we were attacked by foes who outnumbered us, and against all odds, we prevailed. Still to this day, many veterans of the Great Patriotic War remain in Pacifica, and it is their strength that we call upon this day to defend Pacifica.

My Admin have mercy on their souls, for we shall have none.


Posted by: Z'ha'dum Apr 22 2009, 09:02 AM

I'd like you all to forget I am an IO for a moment. It really doesn't matter to what I am about to say. I am known normally for my big words and complex linguistics when I do one of these, not today though. Today, I want to talk right down to Earth in a language everybody here can easily understand. Much of what I am going to say you already know. Even so, I want you to consider it, think on it, ponder it and what makes it true.

I am not going to !@#$%^&* anyone here. Things are looking grim. Our enemies used fake peace talks to try and win a PR war. Our allies betrayed us to cover our their asses though some are now reconsidering. For the time being, we are outnumbered and outgunned and there is a very good chance when this war is over our enemies are going to be the ones still standing. This, I am sure all of you know.

It is appropriate, though, I think that Council recently created tags for years of service. Some of us, myself included, have been doing this a long time. I joined the NPO in our very first month in CN and have seen us grow from fledgling tribe to global empire. I have seen our moments in the sun and our darkest nights. Those of us who have survived these past 3 years have seen it all. Truth is, we have seen this before.

As I said, I am not here to !@#$%^&* anyone. This is going to hurt. This is going to be unpleasant. A lot of blood is going to be shed, if the last one was any indication, some people you count as friends are going to leave to cover their own $@! much as our "allies" did. The thing of it is though, you are going to love it.

A few months into this game, there was a conflict you may have heard of, the Great Patriotic War, or Great War I as it were. The world lined up against us, our allies betrayed us, most even attacked us. We were lied to, abused, in many ways humbled by the experience. As with all things though, eventually it came to an end. When it did, we were alone, weakened, and facing a unified opposition who hated our guts. Sounds familiar, no?

You wouldn't have known it then, I certainly hadn't a clue, but the truth is those were some of the best times to have been in the NPO. Have you ever noticed how many people who lived through that time speak of it with fondness and pride? How is it, that somehow our darkest hour is so often thought of as the good old days by so many veterans? The thing is, that for all the heartache and pain, it gave us something unique and wonderful.

We came together in a way no alliance ever has before or since. What we lost in NS we gained in determination, in unity, we were family. Through trial by fire, we were in some ways smaller, in some ways weaker, but the common bond we shared was magnificent. Our members had a moment of pride where they stood alone against the night, every soldier lost buying a few more seconds for our leaders to secure peace. When the smoke had cleared, we may not have conquered the world but we survived it and nobody could take that away from us.

Those who stayed were filled with pride in what we achieved. Those who left with regret, most coming back to the NPO, heads hung, as soon as the guns were silent. What we saw, what they saw, what the world saw was that the Order was something special, something that could not be undone. We picked up the pieces, we rebuilt, made new allies, and in the end we overcame those who had wronged us, fueled by the very experience, pride, and yes, even the hurt we experience during that one dark hour.

I'm at risk of rambling, so I will try to wrap this up. This is going to hurt, but by the same token, the sense of purpose this is going to give you if you stick it out will make you look back upon this fondly. This isn't the end, far from it. We rebuilt once, we will do so again. One day those who wronged us, just as those before them did, will fall. Some of them may even reform and prove themselves to be good and decent allies once again. For now, we will enter a darkness and I cannot say for sure where we will be when we come out of it, but we will come out of it. When we do, we will move forward as we always have.

Right now, this moment, the Order needs you; it needs us all. It is that need, that urgent sense of the approaching darkness that gives us a unique sense of purpose and, in the end, a unique sense of pride that we stand unbowed and unbroken before all the world could throw at us. I understand some of you have doubts and fears about the road ahead, but take it from someone who has walked it before that what waits for us on the other side is something special and something wonderful and something you cannot find any other way.

We will prevail, one way or another. While darkness comes this day, we will have our moment in the sun once again and I could be no happier to share that moment with all of you.

Long live Pacifica eternal!

Posted by: Cortath Apr 22 2009, 04:39 AM

In early August 2003, the seas of Pacifica were rife with change.

But all history needs context. So, comrades, as we wait behind the lines, reloading our guns, let us speak of the past and of the future. The Pacific was an autocracy controlled by foreign powers. The world was different. !@#$%* was different. The Delegate could remove any nation from the Pacific, and it was thought that no matter the powers arrayed against such a Delegate, they would be defeated.

But one man stood against the foreign corruption of our placid and bountiful waters, and that man was Francos Spain. Francos Spain. What to say of such a man? As the years have passed, he has become a legend, nay, a God even. His words and deeds are taught in our universities; the models of his governance becomes nearly sacrosanct and the basis of modernity.

But the one lesson above all that we must remember in these times, that Francos Spain taught us and imbued in the very foundation of Francoism is that we, Francos Spain included, are all but men. Francos Spain was one man, and he brought down the largest and most powerful government the world has ever seen.

So we too, are but men. And as we stand here on the brink of this Great War, indeed, this Second Great Patriotic War, as men. And as men, Francos Spain toppled the despotic userite dictatorship, and as men we survived the Great Patriotic War, and as men we shall fight and we shall win this Second Great Patriotic War.

It will not be easy. Francos Spain, man thought he was, was a great man, and he was great not for doing something easy, but for doing something hard. We have proven our worth against the scum of Jarheads, the simpletons of ONOS, and others countless times over and over. We have long boasted the strongest military in the world but for so long we have tested our might against the pathetic dregs of Planet Bob.

We fight not because the fight is easy, but because it is hard! There is no glory in butchering the babes of the weak, but in wresting victory from the strong! And so we shall, for as Francos Spain was man against challenging odds, so too are we men against challenging odds, and it in his name we fight, we die, and we kill those who dare to oppose us!

We are Pacifica. We are cleansed in her waves and healed by the salt of her waters. Let her tide drown out the cries of our enemies, and when her waters ebb, let only our those who oppose us sink into the sand.


War inevitably brings out the submerged general in all of us. This means at least 5 people in your alliance will open a thread with a great, new idea to win the war--3 of those threads will all suggest what amounts to warslot filling, the other two will be more creative but equally silly:


And what would TWiP be without news about tech? IO of Tech Cortath also presented this gem to win the war in #hegemony, the channel that Dr Fresh used to rally the People NPO Has Either Screwed or Saved Leadership Club into defending NPO so that more of them than just mhawk might come out looking good:

[02:11] <@Cortath> I am the IO of Technology Affairs for the New Pacific Order.

[02:11] * Mary_the_Fantabulous has joined #hegemony

[02:11] * ChanServ sets mode +oa Mary_the_Fantabulous Mary_the_Fantabulous for #hegemony

[02:12] <@Cortath> Given the present conflict and how it is top-heavy for the NPO, I expect that we will have a seller surplus, including those of our allies selling through us through the Watling Compact.


[02:16] <@Cortath> The NPO expects to have surplus tech. Any alliances want to buy craploads upon craplods of tech?

[02:16] <@Timitz> ill take it for free

--Two potential allies take notice--

[02:16] <@Timitz> :P

[02:16] <&Turetel[FEAR]> lol

[02:16] * Zhadum has joined #hegemony

[02:16] * ChanServ sets mode +o Zhadum for #hegemony

[02:16] <&edikroma|bedtiem> I'm game for tech...

[02:16] <@JWConner[VA]> free tech?

[02:17] <@Cortath> No. To sell.

--It would seem that Pacifica's allies are as warm to the idea of propping her up as they are to defending her--

[02:19] <&Duncan_King[Zenith]> zenith loves tech

--Zenith also used to love honor and independent thought--

And nowwwww, we get desperate:

[02:21] <@Cortath> So...in all seriousness...

[02:21] <&Bob_Sanders> $%&@ I'm probably never buying tech again

[02:21] <@Cortath> I know that alliances are always tech hungry...

[02:21] <@Cortath> The NPO just became the largest tech selling alliance on the face of Bob.

--Met with more silence--

And now 30 minutes (or 24 hours and 30 minutes) later we are left with a slimy pulp recognizable as a dead horse only on the cellular level

[02:42] <@Cortath> So, hey, just trying to gauge interest here, again...

[02:43] <@Cortath> Does anyone think any alliances would be interesting in purchasing tech? We're going to have a huge surplus, and I know people always want it.

But Cortath will not be discouraged, not even after over an hour of no response whatever

[03:29] <@Cortath-away> Timitz, I'm turning, but if you're around, see if you rattle up any ECON people.

[03:29] <@Cortath-away> War needs coordination, but so does money and tech, and we would do well not to neglect either.

[03:29] * Bilrow has joined #hegemony

[03:29] * ChanServ sets mode +o Bilrow for #hegemony

[03:29] <@Timitz> ok

[03:29] <@Timitz> that makes sense to me

[03:30] <@Cortath-away> I made a thread in ECON coordination forum about NPO selling tech to our allies.

[03:30] <@Cortath-away> We'll see if anyone is interested.

[03:30] <@Cortath-away> Good night, comrades.

Maybe MK will be willing to repos- buy some of NPO's tech. It is bearing the mushroom stamp to beging with, after all.

The Polar Shoulder

The Imperial government, eternal partners with their errant Polar brothers, have declared their full faith and camaraderie this week. Amid this time of trial, Pacifica has opened its arms to Polaris as brothers anew.

(You will forgive my transcription in this tense environment)

"From the Office of the Emperor: OPSEC in #npowned

As many of you know, the #npowned is again available for our friends from Polar. Being so, it is crucial to be careful with what is discusses in #npowned, as the New Pacific Order's internal status does not concern anyone else but Pacificans. [And, if I may interject, TWiP]

If you want to discuss war related issues such as warchests, war readiness levels, etc, *DO NOT* discuss in #npowned. We have Battalion Channels [whose passwords have been compromised for months] for a reason, and you may discuss whatever you want in your battalions, but not open channels! If a comrade asks you for a battalion channel password, reply in query or redirect him to [a hyperlinked thread]. If a comrade wants to talk about our current war readiness level, take the conversation to Battalion Channels. Our War Readiness level is not viewable by our Polar brothers and by other allies with Diplomatic mask."

I, for one, am glad that we have welcomed our brothers back into #npowned. This move on the eve of war shows our tightening bond, so egregiously fractured by the arrogance of Polaris, is truly on the mend, and that we put our trust in our brothers just like that: Brothers. With Diplomatic masks.

Ask Z'ha'dum

In these dire times, Comrade Lord Abraxas did an about face and allowed himself to be asked questions in a controlled environment, here are some highlights:

[01:34] <KingEsus> I just woke up, so what's going on?

[01:34] <Zhadum> We declared war on Ordo_Verde

[01:34] <KingEsus> Oh cool

[01:35] <Ezequiel[NpO]> Where Negotiations really going on at the time?

[01:35] <Loucifer> no..negotiations were over

[01:35] <Zhadum> They were over

[01:35] <Ezequiel[NpO]> I thought so

[01:35] <Zhadum> First OV declared them over yesterday

[01:35] <Zhadum> *VE

[01:36] <Zhadum> OV then declared that if their spy guy was attacked, we would be, and that was final

[01:36] <Zhadum> No, OV had given their final, bottom line

[01:36] <Zhadum> They said they would not give up the individual to us and that if we attacked him, they would attack us

[01:36] <Zhadum> Or, actually, Mhawk specifically

[01:38] <ZetaDefender> Question: Will the logs of the talks be released by OV or MK over the course of the next week as a weapon against us?

[01:38] <muffasavil[NPO]> or, would they be incriminating

[01:38] <Zhadum> I doubt they could be, you posted from the logs yourself

[01:38] <Zhadum> They clearly show OV was not negotiating in good faith

[01:39] <Zhadum> There is a reason MK "chose not to bore us with the logs" during their KARMA announcement, the logs don't support what they were saying

[01:39] <muffasavil[NPO]> ok, just clarifying

[01:39] <Farrin[NPO]> Is that's not the case, why don't we post the logs to prove our side?

[01:41] <Zhadum> I;m sure the logs will get posted, once we have them all together

[01:51] <Letum> I have a question; with Moo's internet going off every 10 minutes, how the hell were the vipers supposedly negotiating with him?

[01:51] <Zhadum> They were up until about an hour before update

[01:51] <Zhadum> Which was when OV declared their "final stance"

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:17pm] Crymson[TOP]: Would OV be willing to accept one round of wars on SethB?

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:18pm] Archon`away: Allow me to inquire.

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:20pm] Archon`away: I assume, as Crymson proposed this, that it is not an official offfer?

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:21pm] Crymson[TOP]: No membership restrictions, no public apology, etc.

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:21pm] Crymson[TOP]: Moo?

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:21pm] Dani_C: we're maintaining our stance as outlined earlier

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:21pm] Moo-cows: so then you are refusing that offer?

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:22pm] Dani_C: if seth is going to be hit, so is mhawk

[01:52] <Zhadum> [9:22pm] Dani_C: that is OV's official stance

[01:53] <Letum> And update for that time would be at 11?

[01:53] <Letum> or 10?

[01:54] <THUNDER-X> So those logs are from Sunday night or Monday night?

[01:55] <Zhadum> Those logs are from tonight

[01:37] <Tojamn[NPO]> Question, after reading the KARMA announcment, What exactly is KARMA and how big of a threat are they?

[01:37] <Zhadum> OV's negotiator

(from later)

[01:40] <Zhadum> As for what KARMA is, it essentially is a collective statement of OUTRAGE™ from assorted people, nothing more substantial

[01:41] <Zhadum> Not really a threat at all as they aren't an entity

[01:57] <Farrin[NPO]> Did we notify NpO last night of our intent to attack tonight?

[01:57] <muffasavil[NPO]> Cortath stated that no negotiations were going on tonight. Is that correct? That seems to bee a confusing statement to me

[01:59] <Zhadum> NpO has been kept aprised as the situation has developed

[01:59] <Zhadum> Well, what happened tonight couldn't really be called negotiations

[01:59] <Zhadum> OV just kept repeating they would make no concessions as the clock struck midnight

[01:59] <Farrin[NPO]> Our treaties with NpO require us to give them 24 hours notice before we initiate hostilities, don't they?

[02:00] <Zhadum> As I said, NpO was kept in the loop

[02:00] <muffasavil[NPO]> I see, the negotiations hit a wall yesterday. Forgone conclusion. Talked today to see if they came to thier senses, they didnt, so we declared. Makes since

[02:00] <muffasavil[NPO]> *sense

[02:00] <Zhadum> Indeed

[02:00] <WorldConqueror> why didnt we inform TOP of our plan to DoW? especially when they were mediating talks?

[02:00] <Zhadum> We did

[02:00] <Zhadum> Crymson was well aware that if VE and OV didn't shape up, war would be declared

[02:01] <Farrin[NPO]> Zhadum, I understand they were kept in the loop. My question is, did we honor our agreement to inform them 24 hours prior, which means we knew last night we'd be attacking tonight, or did we violate the 24 hour notice and tell them "Oh, btw, we're attacking now."

[02:02] <Zhadum> They knew when we planned to attack unless something changed

[02:02] <Zhadum> Nothing changed

[02:02] <Farrin[NPO]> Ok, that makes perfect sense to me. =)

[02:05] <Frodark> and whats left of Q?

[02:08] <Zhadum> I believe Q has Us, Valhalla, IRON, TPF, TORN, OG, and MCXA still

[02:08] <Zhadum> Yes, we will win the war

[02:17] <Zhadum> Also, I screwed up the Q question

[02:17] <Zhadum> TORN Is a strong ally, but not Q, NATO is the final Q member

[02:18] <Trilobyte_Man> What do you believe IRON's stance will be?

[02:18] <Zhadum> I believe their response is let the %^pile burn

That's it for TWiP on this, the second day of the new Bob.

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Did Lady Pacifica not strain out the Orange Pulp?! Did Lady Pacifica not tread upon the Yellow Snake?! And did she not condemn the Black Madness to slow and agonizing death?! And did Lady Pacifica not take an ice-pick to the heart of the Arctic, to the frozen N. Atlantic, and to the back of her brother the Blue Rudypoo?! I ask you, even, did she not show the Maroon Nationalists who wears the jackboots in this relationship?! And did that virtuous, that wrathful lady not harsh the Green Haze?! Was the Purple Demon in its thousands more like an outmoded phalanx before her sword?! Did the White Devil not founder in her absence?!

I love this one, Lol!

[02:19] <&Duncan_King[Zenith]> zenith loves tech

--Zenith also used to love honor and independent thought--

You can call Zenith alot of things, Dishonorable is not one of them. We are being bashed for honoring our treaties, This is why were on TPF's side.

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Thank you TWiP for your service throughout the darkest days of hegemony rule. The people of Bat Country were sustained by your weekly broadcasts knowing that the revolution went on and that liberation was at hand. This weekly public ridicule no doubt was instrumental in galvanizing the opposition and precipitating the comic collapse of the hegemony. We saw them for the cowardly scum they were and when they tried to squash again, we rose. Much to their hysteric shock.

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Great Read

also lol @

[01:40] <Zhadum> As for what KARMA is, it essentially is a collective statement of OUTRAGE™ from assorted people, nothing more substantial

[01:41] <Zhadum> Not really a threat at all as they aren't an entity

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