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Second Announcement of Limited Activity


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With RL stuff piling up, and only able to be on CN once a week, I will pull off a Botha.

In short: No RPs concerning my nation will be allowed without my permission, unless I invade someone.

Thank you, and see you once a week!

What nation? did you make a new one already? *goes to check the world map*

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1. It's not a lock. It's a statement of being a Botha convert.

2. Now that I have a nation, is this cleared?

Rp like him, and you should have no need to request such a thing. And to all those others out there asking for 'locks'. Really, no.

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Did I mention that I'm NOT asking for a lock? I'm simply asking that no one try to war with me unless it's preplanned.

It's a little hard to war on you anyway when few people recognize your nation's existence.

I'm one of them, but I can't speak for anyone else.

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