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Project EDEN

Markus Wilding

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Markus Wilding arrived in his black Corvette, built specifically for him. He put on a pair of sunglasses and walked towards a small building in the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Inside the building, hundreds of scientists scurried about, getting data, completing small experiments, general scientist things. He wasn't here for their petty experiments. A rather scrawny-looking man came towards him, holding documents of some sort. Stamped on the top were the words TOP SECRET. "Here are the documents you asked for, Mr. Wilding. I assure you our experiments are coming along fine." Markus glanced over the documents. "How do you explain our new AP rocket being leaked to the public? Civillians are not allowed here." The man froze. "That-that was at a different facility, I assure you that will not happen here!" Wilding lowered his voice. "It had better, comrade."

Markus stepped further towards the back of the facility. "How about our new bazooka? How is that progressing?" The man scrambled to find his results. "Uh...it's a good concept, although I believe Atler made a slight error in his meddling with the charge's design..." Markus stopped and swiftly turned around to face the lead scientist, taking his sunglasses off in the process. "NEVER say another negative word about Hidolf Atler like that again!" He put his glasses back on and continues walking. "Tell me about the bazooka." The scientist blinks and starts to walk too. "Um...it did very well in it's preliminary stages, but after Atler changed the charge, it began blowing up in our faces - literally. The first design penetrated about 2 inches of armor, the second design couldn't pierce anything but Jackson's face." Markus stopped walking and faced the scientist. "Alright. Change it back to the original charge. What about the G41?" The scientist looked around before answering. "The bullets, for some reason, tend to jam when fired in three-round bursts. Full auto, the thing jams up and stops firing until you replace the magazine. Semi auto is just fine. I believe the calibur of the bullet is causing these problems." Markus thought for a second. "Alright, um...what calibur does the Kar98 use?" The scientist began searching his mind. "7.92x57mm." "Change it to that. I'm out of here. And keep testing that AP rocket! I want it to be off rails by the time I'm back!" The scientists all yelled "Yes comrade Wilding!" as he left then went back to work.

OOC: For the record, EDEN doesn't really stand for anything, I just like the name.

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He was back, and it was made apparent the minute he walked in. "WILSON!!!" He screamed at the lead scientist. Wilson scrambled to gather the data Wilding wanted. "That rocket better be off the rails or there's going to be more than bits of metal strewn over that hill." Wilson stumbled as Wilding stared him down. "Uh...as much as I hate to say it, it appears the AP rocket is...unfeasible. It's nothing more than an overdesigned claymore." Wilding backed up. "I want more than a claymore. Is it possible to make it akin to a cannon?" Wilson sighed at Wilding's shaky grasp on science. "No, unless you want to put this thing on a tank." Wilding sighed. He hadn't planned on being disappointed. "Alright...what about the Raketenwerfer thing?" Wilson looked for his results. "Uh...much better since you changed the charge. We modified it a bit, now it's guarenteed to kill any tank." "Very good...how about the G41?" Wilson called for another researcher to come over with the prototype. "Yes comrade Wilson?" Wilson faced the newcomer. "Let us show comrade Wilding how well our prototype is working."

Although it was late at night, the test site had small floodlights to illuminate the target area. "Now, when one fires it on semi-auto, the fire forms a small cluster around the target." The researcher fires five rounds in quick succession to demonstrate the accuracy. Another target is brought in. "Three round burst provides a good basis for support." Three rounds go off in a small cluster. "Full-auto, understandably, is the least accurate, effectively wasting the magazine." The rest of the magazine is unleashed, scattering the rounds. "Very good...focus on the Raketenwerfer, though."

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