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3rd Time's a Charm


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The Christian Coalition of Countries was recently attacked by Nusantara Elite Warriors. We will defend our faithful allies (pun intended) as they have defended us. In honour of our MDP with CCC the Greenland Republic declares a state of war with NEW.

Signed for the Greenland Republic;

Archon: Drai

Vice-Archon: Shamedmonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ilselu1

Minister of Defence: Virillus

Minister of Finance: Steodonn

Minister of Interior: Sal Paradise

Senate: Sande, Kestral, Al, Menwearpink135, Cripple

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o/ GR - how badass is GR? they're fighting TPF, NPO, OG and are still taking on more war slots!

I can fight 6 alliances by having a different one in each war slot. I just wouldnt be fighting the whole alliance, comprende?

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