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Azerbaijan celebrates Republic Day

Agostinho Neto

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((OOC: I'll be offline tomorrow so i posted it now))


A military parade and a mass demonstration took place splendidly at Freedom Square today to celebrate the 5th month of the Azerbaijani Republic. Put up at the square were a portrait of the great leader president Ilham Aliyev and boards of slogans reading "Long Live the President" and "Long Live the Azerbaijani Republic", with a large flag of the country hanging. Floating above were big balloons carrying slogans "Highest Glory to the Great President Ilham Aliyev" and "Victory and Glory to the Heroic Azeri Army Officers and Men". A flag of the Azerbaijani Republic and the New Byzantine Empire were hoisted amid the playing of the national anthem.

President Ilham Aliyev, Commander in Chief of the Azerbaijani Army, appeared on the platform while the welcome music was played. The moment, thunderous cheers "hurrah" burst out, rocking the square and thousands of toy balloons were sent up. A child presented a bunch of fragrant flowers to President Aliyev. Taking the reviewing stands were deputies to the National Assembly, officials of Armed Forced and government bodies, administrative and economic organs and public organizations, representatives of scientific, educational, cultural and art circles, men of meritorious services from across the country, bereaved families of the martyrs, and citizens. 20-gun salutes were fired amid the playing of the National Anthem.

President Aliyev made a congratulatory address in celebration of the 5th month of the Azerbaijani Republic. "By the devoted efforts of the servicemen and the people, our behests will be successfully carried through and a more prosperous and better, powerful Republic will be built wonderfully in this land in the near future" the President added. The entire paraders raised cheers of "hurrah" and shouted "Ilham Aliyev", "devoted defense" and "transcaucasian reunitification".

When the start of the military parade was declared, a flag carrying a portrait of president Ilham Aliyev entered the square, escorted by standards of the Armed Forces services. The paraders expressed deep respects at the "present arms." Planes carrying banners of portraits of President Aliyev and the Azeri flag, flew over the square, escorted by guard planes. Marching past in fine array were columns of military academies at all levels, including historical Byzantine divisions and columns of the Azerbaijani Liberation Front. They were followed by columns of the law enforcement agencies. Planes carrying slogan "let us defend the headquarters of freedom headed by the great President Ilham Aliyev at the cost of lives" flew over the capital.

President Aliyev acknowledged the salute of the paraders who marched past the platform. After the military parade, a grand mass demonstration started. Entering the square were ranks of those carrying national flags and cheering crowd with a statue of president Aliyev in the van. Ranks of heroes and war veterans, ranks of happy dancers, ranks of dancing schoolchildren, ranks of families, ranks of those carrying Byzantine flags, Slavorussian flags, torches and Azeri flags went past the platform, shouting "hurrah".

Waves of beautiful flowers rolled out and cheers burst out at the square at the end of the demonstration. At the balcony of the platform President Aliyev raised his hand to acknowledge the enthusiastically cheering crowds.


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