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Global League Of Protectorates Announcement

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Global League Of Protectorates DoN

Ladies and Gentlemen of Planet Bob,

We, the Global League Of Protectorates, have looked upon the current situation arising and have decided that we wish to take no part in the current war. We have friends or allies on either side of this huge skirmish and wish them to have fun and good luck. Therefore we are declaring our neutrality and shall support nor aid either side. We will be suspending all foreign aid agreements with all nations that belong to any alliances involved in the war until the war is over. That being said we welcome nations that wish not to be involved in the war and have not been declared rogues or put on a ZI list.


Guardian666, High Chancellor

Crimius, Council

Gollum, Council

Global League Of Protectorates

And now we have tricked you all in to reading this simple DoN and now we wants your brownies our baker is on holiday :P

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