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Batsam-Xaw Accords


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The Batsam-Xaw Accords

Article Uno: Ideological Support

Both parties consider that it is extremely important for the cause of a classless-stateless society to share knowledge and information. The the signatories of this document do hereby agree to promote common understanding and open communication. Any and all intelligence shall be shared with the other, and open and honest discussion shall be the norm in all gov

Article Dos: Development

Both being one do hereby agree to assist and aid the other economically, to the best of their ability, if the other should such a request.

Article Tres: Musketeering

One for all and all for one. An attack on one shall be an attack on the other, and assistance must be offered to the best of either nation's ability. Moreover each pledges to safeguard the other from enemies from within the other's nation. (Eg. Illegal Coup)

Article Cuatro: Common Aggression

Both being one much like the right and left fists belonging to a body must recognize that aggression by one is therefore a call to action for the other. In the event that aggressive action is deemed fitting by one then it is the duty of the other to assist militarily, economically, or diplomatically based on the needs of the other.

Article Cinco: Eternity

It is impossible for a being to separate itself from itself. A mind cannot strip itself of its mind, nor a body of its body therefore this union shall exist in perpetuity until the dissolution of one or the other.

From the politburo of the the Batsam-Xaw Alliance:

Signed for Antartida:

Juan deSouza, Secretary-General of the People's Democratic Federation of Antartida

Signed for Kaeva:

M.A.S.T.A.B., Supreme Artificial Intelligencde

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cool, but are you sure this is in the right forum?

OOC: Must I remind you that this is an IC forum? This is a post "related to alliance-driven politics, it's in-character and it's not an Alliance Announcement.

IC: Yes, very cool. Thank you. Now move along, please. Nothing for you or your kind to see here.

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