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Valhalla canceled our MADP with NPO last night due to some of the actions taken by the NPO. We also canceled our MDoAP with TPF 10 days ago. Contrary to popular belief Valhalla still honors their treaties. We are still bound by these treaties under the cancellation clauses and we will not leave our brothers and sisters of Pacifica or The Phoenix Federation alone on the battlefield. With a plethora of viable targets and Valhalla finally able to ascend peace mode into full battle mode one of those targets stands out further than the rest. The Poison Clan in a dishonorable move broke their NAP with TPF and attacked without canceling and waiting the 10 day grace period. This act insults our core beliefs. With this, Valhalla hereby declares war on the Poison Clan in defense of our friends.

o/ Valhalla

o/ Odin

Have fun, fight hard, get some casualties.

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