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My Life for Aiur

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The Greenland Republic has asked for our assistance with The Phoenix Federation.

You hit a friend you get hit, got it?.

We here by activate our MDAP with Poison Clan.

See you on the battlefield.

Follee Ollee!

Signed for The Dark Templar,

Dark Archon Supa_Troop3r

On and were hitting SSSW18

Can you have a seat over there...


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Thanks Rak!

This is making out to be a fun one.

Who wants to see how it's shaping up?

Damages to Magodonia:

16.66 infra

3.34 tech

Damages Dealt by Magodonia:

515.338 infra

84.698 tech

829.561 land

Ah, all conventional. So sweet.

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DT has been a very good friend of BH...AKA Blackhorse. As a Protectorate of the theirs...we thought we should recipricate. Their war is our war. At thios time.

We like them.

BTW...Hi SSSW18 :)

May our battles be clean and our populations double through means necessary :)


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So, Greenland Republic asked for help and you activated your MADP with PC (who attacked TPF) to attack TPF AND SSSW18? Wow. That's convoluted even for Planet Bob.

Funny, I always thought that the MADP was only effective against, you know, the alliance your treaty partner is hitting, which would be TPF in this instance. Always interesting the leaps some alliances will take to get involved in a war.

o/bogus CBs

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At least he got this title right. In his reason for war, it was his "lie for auir".

Go get em' DT.

That's just Supa_Troop3r's really poor speeling abilities. Just take a look at his name, Supa?, Troop3r? :P

<3 u.

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