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GRAN Announcement


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Greetings to planet bob,

The last 48 hours in CN have been perhaps some of the most enlightening ones I have ever seen. Many alliances have shown their true colors, while others have shined as beacons of honor.

Here in GRAN we take our treaties very seriously, hence why we don’t sign many. Because once we do commit ourselves to defend an ally, we believe in honoring our treaties to the fullest. This means standing up for your friends and allies in their time of need, without exception or excuse. Veritas Aequitas has already entered this war alongside her ally SSSW18. As such, the Global Republic of Armed Nations recognizes a state of war with the Majestic Order of Orange Nations through Article II of The "First Treaty of 2009 Two and a Half Days Late" Treaty.

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Oh i am def getting in on this, does that mean you are at war with VE as well? please say yes because i got a butt whooping for more than one nation in gran. Destroyed a nice nation i had once. It was not forgotten, seems like all the scum are coming out of the woodwork. Man this is fun.

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