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VA has something to say!


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Official Announcement from Veritas Aequitas

In this game, every alliance needs to be able to count on their allies to come to their defense. When the time comes for everyone to show their hand, you can only hope that you will be coming out on top. By now, everyone is aware of the Pacifica situation and everyone has some opinion of what happened and how it happened. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me. Our ally, SSSW18, has since declared war in defense of NPO as they are sworn allies. With that being said, Veritas Aequitas is obligated, through Article II of the It's About Damn Time treaty, to come to their aid. As such Veritas Aequitas is joining our good friends She Said She Was 18 in war, and we hereby declare war upon Majestic Order of Orange Nations. It is nothing personal; it is just how our cards have fallen.


Mrott of Litarew - Lord Protector

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Another alliance I need to say Goodbye to...

Bye VA. Nice knowin' you and all that. A shame really.

Why, are you going somewhere?

You're already proving to be worthy enemies in quality and quantity.

No hard feelings at the end.

To you also my friend. Who says you can't play nice on the battlefield?

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Such Passion and Strength in this DoW. Never has the legalese fired up the troops so well! :P

Mrott, looks like the cards have matched us up. Glad to see you honor treaties, as we have done. Best of luck in the field and no hard feelings for sure.

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