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It has been a rather crazy 24 hours with many things happening and not all of them having the best judgement it would seem. We stand by our support of our allies in TORN and their decisions that they had to make, and though we find what was done to them by the NPO inexcusable, we realize we yet have allies entering into this conflict that we care dearly about and wish to assist. As such, we will honor our ties as best as we can to protect our allies.

With that said, FEAR steadfastly supports UPN in her endeavors against R&R and issues a DoW alongside UPN against R&R.

Here is to the good fight to our allies and to our enemies.

-Turetel, Chancellor of FEAR

Edit: Tag misplacement and RnR to R&R as per their alliance name. My apologizes for listing it incorrectly.

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With that said, FEAR steadfastly supports UPN in her endeavors against R&R and issues a DoW alongside UPN against R&R.

This is the only thing that would tempt me to join a different alliance... and that alliance is R&R.

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FEAR takes its treaties very seriously. We are gladly marching into this war with our allies at UPN and UCN, knowing that our bonds of friendship cannot be shattered by any steel, uranium, or propaganda.

To those who cast themselves as the "anti-establishment" crowd, please remember this:

There are many alliances that are indirectly allied to the NPO who will be honoring their treaties in the upcoming fight. They, that is we, are not lackeys: No, we are the Auxiliaries. We are the Allies. We are the ones who are told by the mighty alliances "you can count on us" and who have been raised by this political system to be dependable. Perhaps you think of us just as well trained dogs who do as they are told; perhaps there is some truth in this. But what is better, a dog that runs into the burning Palace where his Prince lies wounded, or a dog that pulls his tail behind his legs and flees?

Luckily our time as the executors of Imperial will has not been dominated entirely by a master-slave relationship: along the way many of us Auxiliaries have made strong friendships, and even when all else has been corrupted and profaned, these friendships among battle-companions and equals remain untouched and pure. And so, for the last time and for a long time to come, we take the field and shout our war-cry. And let you, our enemies, who have only recently grown strong enough to offend the majesty of Empire, still feel some residual fear as you hear: "For the New Pacific Order! For the Status Quo!"

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Needs more proofreading, tbh. the only thing I'll be hearing is the voice in my head who's continually pressing me to join R&R.

edit- I appreciate when people fix mistakes <3

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Typically I keep my mouth shut and don't say a whole hell of a lot. But I have come to respect several Alliances out here and I am very saddened by these turn of events FEAR. You see while I understand the need for you to follow your masters blindly into the fire I do not understand why your undying loyalty should allow you to go the way of the DODO (mainly extinct). I had thought that an Alliance that would regard itself so admirably would hasten to assist their fellow allies and help them see the error of their ways and thereby aiding them in their most precarious situation that of fixing the problem that was in point of fact started by their own actions. I see many admirable people here in FEAR and I cannot understand why you are avoiding the greatest problem your own stated Allies are having --- They started this and now you want to leap into the fire. It makes no sense to me. I would have thought that FEAR would in reality take the best course of action aid your allies in the thing they lack the most in COMMON SENSE;

"Although the flame of liberty may cease to shine the coal can never expire." Thomas Paine - I had always thought FEAR was that flame

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